Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for

Legacy Stirs

Here's a few excerpts from the first novella to wet your appetite :)

Well, there's a little on this page of the blog, including the cover, and where to find more info, and just as important, where to purchase it :)

Is everything alright?”
I don’t know. I can’t look away from the tiny flashing blip on the screen, almost like I am being compelled against my natural desire to acknowledge this one particular insignificant blob. I hold my breath in anticipation, waiting for something - I don’t know what. I can’t breathe, still waiting. A force from within the monitor feels like it is reaching through the screen. Wispy tendrils stretch out, wrapping themselves around me, seemingly aware of the distaste I have for it. And now they are knotting together, forming a cage around my heart, like ribbons surrounding a present. No pain, but an intense chill, the touch of stone beneath outstretched fingertips, where my warm heart should be pumping. This … this … what ... ? This feeling is irrational, but I know what I am sensing. I am not imagining this. There is something very wrong with this ...... this perfectly formed foetus, this unborn creature, I –

The pain. Like nothing I’d felt before. But this wasn’t Katie’s pain. This was mine, all mine. Like someone had taken an ice-cold steel blade and shoved it through my flesh, slicing clean through tendons and sinew, and prising apart my ribcage until it reached its target, my heart. I can’t breathe and if I try I know the pain is going to be worse than the violent assault I feel right now, if that is at all possible. He’s told her he loves her. He loves her. What can I do? How can I deal with this pain? Why do I feel this pain? 

So no-one’s gonna help me? You bunch of losers, who needs you?” The arms around tighten as I scream at everyone and strain to escape. I know that until I have freed myself I cannot get to my target. Stupid individual. Whoever it was was now my new target. I concentrate all my strength into my arms and they spring free from the weakening grasp of my captor. I ball my hands up and, swinging my fist up backwards with as much effort as I can manage, I lash out violently at the face behind me. The crack was followed by a loud, prolonged, yell of pain. And then when I bring my fist back down I look at my hand and see the blood on my fingers, sticking to my skin and then slowly dripping off, forming dark red dots as they land on the white floor tiles. As they stare back up at me the enormity of my unexpected reaction starts to sink in.

So few words condemning our fate. Morgan starts to cry and I hug her. I want to cry with her, but she’s only a kid and needs calming, not a pathetic, hysterical, wet mess. I can’t talk though for fear my voice will crack, so I pull her to the ground with me and lean against what I assume is a wall. As I hug her tighter, I can feel her body shutting down, giving up. Some of the crowd start turning back, running blindly into the darkness, and quickly blend into the dark, their outlines disappearing and becoming part of the smoke. Should we run too? Morgan starts to get up, but I hold tight onto her. This had to be a joint decision. I couldn’t just let her go, I would never forgive myself if I survived and she didn’t. But which choice? Head back and hopefully find another exit. Or wait here and hope we are rescued before we burn to death. Or the smoke takes hold and overpowers us.

And the last lines of the first book ......
No, I don't want to talk about it. He is not going to end up like Antonio.”
Silence returned, creating a chasm between them.

Hope you enjoyed that :) Don't forget the linky at the top, and if you happen to know an Editor/Publisher, well that'd be just fine and dandy :)


  1. What clever writing and a great theme for our 30-day UBC! I really enjoyed reading this one.

    1. Hi Deb, thank you so much for your comment - means a lot :)

  2. Great writing! I found you through the #atozchallenge... or maybe you found me first...?

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for visiting. I'm not sure who was first, I try to visit some new A-Z ones everyday, I really should have kept some sort of record!


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