Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for

Nonno and Nonna :) My Dad's parents, and part of the reason I love everything Italian. Our summer holidays spent visiting them in a tiny village up a mountain are some of my happiest memories :) They were typical grandparents from another generation and country. A few of my memories of them
    Church every Sunday, then Nonno would play botcha while Nonna would go back to the house to prepare Sunday lunch
    Nonna going ballistic when I held Aldo's hand in the piazza - I was 17 at the time LOL!
    Nonna looking after me when both of my legs swelled up like balloons after numerous horse-fly bites
    Learning from them how to care for baby chicks waiting to be baby chicks in the incubators
    Milking goats
    How to barter at the markets
    Clinging onto Nonna when she was leaving England after her one and only visit here, I was 5 and devastated
    Nonno referring to Mum's salad cream as 'rubbish' - one of the few English words he knew!
    Spending a week with them, just Dad and me, learning all about family/village life :)

    And that's it for today, short and sweet. It's my 19th - eek - wedding anniversary and shopping and cinema is beckoning :) x


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