Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for

Pregnancy - Before I fell pregnant the first time I was being tested for PCOS, which was looking very likely from the results. Then, out of the blue I fell pregnant. Sadly it wasn't meant to be, and I miscarried. At the time I didn't know I was O Neg and that I should have had an Anti-D jab, so when I fell pregnant with Joe it was a hard pregnancy. Several scares throughout the pregnancy. Too many painful Anti-D jabs as blood tests showed my blood was mixing with his. Six weeks in hospital and then he was induced 2 weeks early. Then, as if I was glutton for punishment I was pregnant again within 5 months! Joshua was much easier. Then Benjamin who helped turn me into a weeble and who kept me waiting for 42 weeks. Another miscarriage after Ben and that was me done. Too painful.

Ending on a high note - that photo is me, 29, and 7 months pregnant! Only put on 3/4 stone throughout (which I thought was great until we realised it was because I didn't have any fluid protecting his lungs - hence the pneumonia and pneumothorax at 5 weeks).

Pernod - My favourite spirit :) Love anything aniseed flavoured :) Although, no-one warned me the first time not to drink the next morning after having too many the night before. I was hungover all over again LOL!

Pizza - Proper Italian pizza though.

Pasta - My favourite food. If I could eat only one food again for the rest of my life, it would be pasta.


Photography - Enjoyed photography as a hobby since I was a child and had a point and shoot Prinz camera.I used to yearn to use my Mum's good camera but she never let me. Now I have my own and can use it as often as I like ;)

Pantomime - Always loved a pantomime, either in them, or participating very loudly in the audience!


Parties - from small family gatherings, to big shindigs, they're all good :)


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