Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for


Okay, a really quick one as yesterdays and tomorrow's posts took ages - yes I have already done tomorrows, impressed? You'd think that a photo post would be quick, but no, taking, resizing, uploading, trust me, not quick.

So today R is for Rodeo
For several years we used to have a big, and I mean big, barbeque each summer, from 3pm till whenever the last person left. On average over 100 people would visit at some point. It used to be manic and I used to love it! It almost always rained, I can think of only 1 dry day! Most visitors would bring some food and drink, cos feeding the 5000 is no mean feat when you haven't got God on your side :) But we always organised the 'entertainment'. The first year was a huge bouncy castle, the second year a giant inflatable slide. My favourite ever was the bungee run. But the photo on the scrapbook page was the year we hired out a bucking bronco - hence Rodeo (okay, it's a stretch, but I struggled with R!). The kids all loved it, and most of the adults did too!

Laterz xx


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