Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for

Sod it this is getting boring LOL!
Seriously though, it's actually quite time consuming to post every day, especially when, like yesterday, you have to do the whole thing twice.
So, quick one as busy day/week ahead.
Some of my favourite things include
Snow - I just love snow, I would much prefer a winter holiday in a log cabin, real fire and snow all around, than frying for a fortnight on the beach
San Gennaro - my favourite place in the world. Around the start of the 1900's there was over 200 people living in the village. Fast forward 100 years and it's down to single figures. So sad. But the people don't help the situation. About 20 years ago Jeff and I wanted to buy one of the properties, they initially accepted the offer, then came back saying someone had offered 3 times as much. So we didn't buy it. They didn't sell it. And now it's nearly a pile of ruins. But it is peaceful - oh except for loud claps of thunder which echos around the mountain and sounds like a gas explosion. Beautiful scenery. Okay, you get it, I love it!
Scrubs - one of my favourite comedy series ever
St Margaret Clitherow, St Josephs and St Francis - The Churches where I have celebrated all the sacraments so far - hoping to put off the last one for a few years yet
Singing - in the shower, in the car, on stage - well, mostly, except the one time I hit a duff note, and I knew I was going to. Even told the singing instructor, but she wouldn't listen to me. Think maybe she'll listen to her students concerns a bit more next time?
Sex - did I really write that? Well, let's be honest, if you know me in real life, you know that anyway!
Seasons - one of the things that is most infuriating about England is also one of the best things :)
Scrapbooking - my favourite hobby, although I do like a whole lot of others, as regular readers will know. I'm not brill at them, but I enjoy them, and they are very therapeutic - essential quality for me!
Strawberries - just yum!


  1. Thanks for not posting a picture for 'sex' !!!! ;-)

    1. LMAO Lou! I know I'm very open about life - but not quite that open ;) x


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