Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Very Special Sunday ......

.....Cos I am 50 today! There, I've said it, no going back. Although I am typing this a week early and scheduling it to post next week, so got a week to pop back in and change the 5 to a 4 ;) Pushing it a bit, don't think I'd get away with shaving 10 years off, 5 maybe :) Maybe? Just a small maybe?

So the reason I am attempting my first ever scheduled blog is because Jeff has planned something for my birthday and I have no idea what. I'm hoping it isn't that awful and that we're still married at the end of the weekend, otherwise will be a bit peed at the money and time already spent on our ceremony next year! This convo, copied from facebook, makes me a little anxious - okay, flaming big anxious!!
Chatting to my sis-in-law yesterday.
Me "no, can't do next week, Jeff's planning a surprise for my birthday."
Jo "I'm sure whatever you do it will be special ...... Also, tell Jeff, yes it's fine, he can borrow Steve's spare parachute for you."
Eeeeeeeeek, she's joking, right?

ETA-awesome weekend. Jeff has been putting in some overtime so that he could treat me.And boy did he treat me! He'd booked us into a 5 star hotel, had an Indian meal, and then ......... he had got us tickets to see Les Miserables.  And not a parachute in sight! I am one very happy, spoilt bunny this weekend :)
So, what else happened this week.

Ella had a meltdown Friday. Funny, I felt one was on its way. Not nice, but neither was the sobbing afterwards when she had calmed down.

We went to another car boot last Sunday - well, with the awful weather we've been having for like ever, got to make the most of a few dry days. Just got a few bits - nothing on the scale of last Sunday's post!
Isn't this beautiful? It's swarovski crystals in amethyst and AB (can't spell aurolis borialis!) and is for Ella to wear for us next year :) Best bit? Only £3.00 - I know, and you should see her wearing it :)
I also got all these. I just imagined with a vintage theme I can really do something stunning with them - not sure what yet mind! Although they look quite impressive just piled up like that!
With the brown/gold ones I also had to get these as they came in a job lot! But £5.00 for the lot isn't so bad. The baubles are all glass, some are obviously hand painted - and they're huge! The brown and cream ones are like 6" diameter! Bit different from the packs we get most year from Poundland LOL!
Dad and Sandra gave us a glass table for the garden, but it was too big for the current decking, so Joshua is extending the patio bit to make room for it :)
A few photos of Joshua he has sent to some modelling agencies. Keep everything crossed for him, he needs a break.
Lunch with Jeff, Josh and Ben to celebrate my birthday.
Governor budget meeting Wednesday evening.

Watched Django and Gambit. I was pretty sure I'd like Gambit, easy watching, Colin Firth and Alan Rickman :) Wasn't sure about Django. I know it got nominated for several Oscars, but Quentin Tarantino isn't exactly known for his lovey-dovey films! Desperado comes to mind. But I have to say I was blown away - like the connection? - by some of it. I can't remember the name of Django's wife, but I thought she was freaking amazing :)

And that's it, pretty average week followed by an awesome weekend! Laterz!


  1. Many happy returns have a wonderful birthday.


    1. Thanks Yvonne, I was totally spoilt :) x

  2. Happy happy birthday honey, no one deserves a break as much as you and im so looking forward to sharing renewal stories!! :)

    1. Hi Debbie, you say that now, by next May I reckon we'll all be fed up with it LOL! x

  3. Sooo glad you had a fabulouso birthday my lovely xxxx

  4. Happy Birthday!!! It sounded great and I'm loving your pin & ball finds! Very pretty!

    1. Hi JoJo, thanks, had a lovely day :) x

  5. Happy birthday!

    Thanks for visiting my blog during last Monday's Blitz. The poem I posted was one of Collins' darker ones; most of them are much lighter. :)

    I hope you're having a wonderful birthday weekend!

    1. Hi Dana, I'll have to check out some of his other work :)

      Thanks, I have had a lovely birthday weekend :) x

  6. Hey, hope you had a very happy birthday!! :)

    1. Thanks Mark, have had a lovely one, been totally spoilt! x


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