Sunday, May 26, 2013

Crafty Monday

So, crafting? I am liking this Monday crafting page - I'm liking all the planning tbh, seems to work. Although my friend Debbie has also decided to plan posts better and has decided to call her Making Mondays - what a bloody good idea. I mean I did Wednesday Writings and Friday Free for all, but didn't think of finding something to go with M. Oh well.....
I digress, as always, wouldn't be me if I didn't. I bought this little basket in a charity shop last Monday for £1.50.
I had some cream Rust-oleum left over from when I spray painted the frames last year and thought spraying would be easier. I also put a top coat of Crystal Clear Rust-oleum on top to protect it. I filled it with paper rose petals, and then handmade the two small ring cushions - yes you've guessed it - for the vow thing next year (Going to get fed up real quick of writing vow renewal celebrations!). I finished off by tying a few different ribbons onto the edge of the handle :) Everything I used I already had in my crafting stuff, so £1.50 total!
At the same place I bought this mirror. It was originally £3.50! I sometimes think the people that price things in charity shops have no idea of how much to charge. It had then been reduced to £2.50 and by the time I visited the shop it was £1.00. Now £1.00 I will pay for a second hand mirror - £3.50 I won't! What I loved was the rope because I thought it could be used as a handle :)
So. Yanked the flower off - boy was that stuck so much, Jeff had to prise it off for me LOL. I then took the pins out of the back and removed the mirror. Painted both the frame and a piece of wood the same size as the mirror initially in Zinsser - you know how I love that stuff! The board then just needed two coats of Chalkboard Paint (again by Rust-oleum) and that part was finished. We did have to fork out for that paint, but I know I'll use it again and again, and a little goes a long way! For the frame I added some brown acrylic paint to the joins and then crackle glaze on top. I wanted it to look aged and that's where the wear and tear would appear naturally. Top coat of cream Valspaar (lots left from decorating earlier in the year) and hey presto. Do you like the writing? I'm thinking of the perfect little girl to hold that during the - yeah, that thing next year! LOL!
I am really pleased with both these items :) I promise not to go on and on about next year, and tbh wasn't even planning on making these yet, but when I saw the items in the shop, well the urge came upon me like a tidal wave  .........:)


  1. This was wonderful to read and those crafts were awesome.


  2. Great job with the upcycling!!! So that chalkboard paint really works?

    1. Hi JoJo, thanks! The chalkboard paint I bought, made by Rust-oleum definitely works, I plan to be making quite a few chalk boards now :)

  3. hopped over from Social Sunday... great make, jenx


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