Friday, May 10, 2013

Harry Potter World!

About a year ago Patrick, Angela and I all mentioned we'd like to go to the Warner Bros Studio Harry Potter Tour. Jeff sort of mumbled vague interest. Well, you know life tends to be very inconvenient and get in the way, but we finally managed to sort out a date for this Tuesday. Angela and me on the bridge that Seamus blew up :)
I ordered the tickets and Jeff had kittens when he thought 116 quid was the price for 2 tickets. He still paled slightly at 29 pound each and I was sort of with him on that one. I wouldn't pay that for a theme park as I really do not like the rides - I know, add that to the already long list of things I wimp out of LOL. But I was keeping my fingers crossed for the money being worthwhile. Patrick and Angela on the Night Bus.
We agreed just adults - and, OMG how nice was that! No offence kids but it was so the right decision! No boredom, whinging and whining, and generally spoiling the day. Ella would have been bored within 10 minutes! And we must have saved a fortune on not spending money on them ;) James and Lily's house - I love this style of house!

The car drive there was pretty painless and the welcoming committee on the gates were very, well, welcoming. The parking is a bit OTT - like a parking attendant every 20 yards and you have to wait for the car in front of you to completely park before you can. Then if you have the misfortune to not park exactly how they like they make you re-park it! Oh well, good for the employment figures I suppose. Jeff seeing how things work!
Getting the tickets out of the machines was a doddle. The entrance was spacious, clean and well organised. After a visit to the very clean toilets. Strange thing to write? Trust me women care about that sort of thing! Then you queue. Not for too long. One thing I did think was really positive was the staggered entrances every half hour. We never felt squashed and bothered. There was only ever a couple of minutes waiting for most things, which was no biggie. Only queue when we were there was for the photo's on the broomsticks. Outside Dumbledore's office. This one and the next didn't come out brilliantly, but I like the photos and guess what? My blog, my choice :)
Then we got onto the actual experience. I won't spoil it - but it was great - worth every penny. And although we were there 3.5 hours I think we could easily have done a couple more hours. Same again - I decided to take my little Fuji point and shoot camera rather than my heavy camera, but obviously it's not so good for indoor shots.
One of my favourite photos of the whole day :)
Patrick and Angela enjoyed seeing the Durdsley's house - and compared it to the real thing!
Jeff was looking at the huge wand display of the main players and said "I'm gonna choice the wand I would have." To which I replied "You don't choose the wand Jeffrey, the wand chooses you!" Well I had to didn't I?!
Outdoor photos came out much better :)
Jeff reckoned he was terrified - he had nothing to worry about I have never crashed a motorbike :) .... Okay, well yes, I've never actually driven a motorbike, but my record is 100% perfect nevertheless ;)
This clock belonging to Mrs Weasley was always one of my favourite props.
The closest we got to the wand - so bloody expensive. Actually, probably my only rant. Warner Bros have a captive audience. They don't have to charge the world for the extras - and yet they do. A photo on a 'flying broom' was 12. So, okay, that's pretty normal. But a DVD of your 'flight' that only lasts a couple of minutes starts - note starts - at 40!!! I mean what do you think is special about they DVD's? Inlaid with gold?! Cos I bought 100 blank DVD's for Joshua the other week for about a tenner. And don't get me started on the gift shop. Obscene prices.
This model is out of this world. Enough said.
I love this photo. Jeff can take or leave HP, but came with us so I wasn't on my tod :) And actually he enjoyed it - the engineer in him was fascinated with how things were made.
Just too funny a photo not to take. These are just a small selection - have about another 100 on the computer, but didn't want to send you into even more of a stupor than you probably already are :)
I remember riding buses like this - before Elf 'n' Safety ruined everything. And yes, this is the closest I shall ever get to pole dancing ...... I heard that sigh of relief ;)
So, synposis - I loved it, so glad we went. Thanks to Patrick and Angela for joining us on a fab day out :)


  1. Seems a good day was had by all.
    Loved the pics. Thanks for sharing your day out.


    1. Hi Yvonne, it really was :) Thanks for stopping by, I'm still working through the list of reflections post!

  2. That's AWESOME! I love Harry Potter! Are you a member of JK Rowling's Pottermore site? I joined a couple months ago and I was sorted into Ravenclaw. Someday I'd like to see the Harry Potter part of Universal Orlando in Florida.

    1. Hi JoJo, I've tried to avoid Pottermore, bit like Pinterest, I know I'd get sucked in and spend way too many hours on the sites LOL x

  3. Glad you had a fun day. Good reflections post as well. Congratulations on finishing A to Z

    1. Thanks for stopping by Bethie - it was challenging, but glad I did it! And sadly already got next years theme in my head LOL! x

  4. that is so cool!! great pics!

    1. Thanks Tara! I took a lot of photos - but didn't want everyone falling asleep, so just chose my favourites :) x


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