Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Monday so must be Crafting!

Had 2 projects on the go this week. The first one took a couple of hours, the second a couple of days! So the quickie first ;) Remember the firescreens I bought for a pound each from ebay?
Well I finally got started on turning them into information boards which was the reasoning behind my buying them. I've only done one side so far, but I used it at the craft fair last week. I plan to paint the back, rather than paper and daub so that it has a cleaner, more suitable look for the Spirit-Mind-Body. But I was pleased with the end result, considering I literally threw it together in a couple of hours :)
Thanks to cheap Truprint printing of the photos - and using all old craft supplies, this A-Board cost pennies, and even got some interest for parties :) Which was the object of the exercise!

Onto the longer project. The theme is vintage, and the colours are dusky pinks, lilacs and cream. Halfway through making them I must admit I texted Jeff ranting about what the hell possessed me to start the project, but the end result was so worth it.
So first the RSVP cards:
I printed the words on plain A4 paper, would have been nicer in cream, but didn't have any, and this whole project is supposed to be on a budget! Used a Cats Eyes pad for the edges and general old look. The background stamp was a V & A one, stamped with a Tim Holtz Distress Pad. The words were so my own LOL!
The easiest bit - Bazzill cardstock again, inked and written.
I then attached the RSVP card and the quote card together with a bit of cream garden twine :)

I made the Save the Date cards into bookmarks. The colour is misleading, the colour is the same as the dusky pink cards in the photo above. Again typed up with an old style font, and thought the photo both fun and relevant (vintage). Same inks and stamps. I hand stamped the Save the Date across the top using a couple of stamp sets I have had for years - and as for the fibres - they have been around for even longer, so nice to be able to actually use them!
Again, colours are off.

To finish I included a return addressed envelope with a gap where the names are for the guests to write an alternative start than Mr and Mrs X.

I am so glad that I persevered. The remit was vintage, involving the guests and as cheap as possible. And I don't think I could have created the set for much less! Including paper, card, ink, etc, I don't reckon they came to much more than a fiver :)

What do you think?


  1. Beautiful job!!!! Monday is my crafting day too but my hubby is home so I'm spending the day w/ him. I have a cross stitch I can work on.

    1. Thanks! I must admit, it's knitting, usually blankets for me, when Jeff and I are curled up on the settee together :) x

  2. so pretty! great idea!

    and i enjoyed your harry potter experience too
    we r trying to go in nov =)

    1. Hi Tara, thanks, I just wanted something a bit more personal as it's for a vow renewal ceremony.

      It took us a year to get to see Harry Potter but it was definitely worth the wait, hope you get to go :) x

  3. They are so pretty! Thanks for sharing this wonderful blogpost!

    1. Beautiful tags!! I love the colors you chose and the effects you achieved! Visiting you from the A-Z Road Trip and liking what I see!! ♥ I am looking forward to visiting again. :D


    2. Thanks you Sunday visitor!

      Thanks Kathy - they're the colours we're having for the vow renewal ceremony :) I am still working through the reflections posts! Have done all after 275, but still got 1 - 275, so will be a few weeks before I start on the Road Trip! x


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