Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Round Up

Tuesday visit to Harry Potter World - post about it here

Lunch out with one of my oldest - but not 'oldest' girlfriends. She insisted I add a second photo to show that she doesn't have quite the same hairstyle she had 20 years ago LOL! Ironically, until I had mine cut the other week, mine could still look like it did when I got married! I had far too much to drink and had a blast!
Trip to Bristol meant that Jeff insisted we go over the Clifton Suspension Bridge - not actually as scarey  as it looks!
But it reminded me of when we 'accidentally' ended up crossing the Millau Viaduct in France a couple of years ago!

Went to see this Quince Players production with Jeff and Joy. We choose charity night as the charity was for Martha :) I offered to help with raffle ticket selling and managed to persuade the audience to part with £91.00 - oh, and 20pence that someone found on the floor! Not bad I thought :) The play was excellent. And as the audience we were also the jury and got to vote at the end. Jeff and I differed - he used his head, I used my spider senses - his vote got the majority vote - at which point I shouted 'travesty' - rather loudly apparently, oops! - then it turns out I was right - so the moral of the story is always trust the missus and her spider senses :)
Just a photo of Ella I took a few weeks ago and forgot to post - I love it :)
My Josh - not wanting his photo taken - the wind kicking up the backdrop was a right PITA!
His team played a semi-final cup game on Tuesday. The other team was in the league above, but they held them to penalties - which they then lost. Rotten result, overall they were definitely the better team. Oh the other team? Wokingham, which the boys were involved with for years - so for me and Jeff that was interesting.
Governor hat on this week involved in staff interviews
Jeff and I managed to get a lunch together - after we had washed up following the grubby property we had been to see!


  1. You are the only person I know who has been on the Millau Viaduct. I've seen pictures of it and I think I'd be too scared to drive it. What was it like?

    1. Hi JoJo. I must admit I was terrified! But we were driving from Spain to South West France and it was the direct route. In all honesty, it was nowhere near as bad as it looks - it doesn't feel like you're as high as you are! Mind you I did just look forward, not down!


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