Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sunday, Sunday, so good for me....

Let's start with some bargains - you all know how I love a bargain :) Car boot trip yesterday was probably one of the most successful - EVER!
Bargain 1 - seller with a selection of bathroom stuff. On closer inspection Jeff reckons may have been seconds, as there are a few scratches on the shower pole. But, hey, I can live with a few scratches when we've got a new metal pole, rain spray shower and hose, for a tenner!!! Seriously, it's a Grohe, and we reckon new would be well over £180!!
Bargain 2 - Twilight fleece blanket for Ella to wrap up in in the car, or at footy, for a whole pound! She is however having to wait for it 'till we've washed and dried it - well, you know, you gotta haven't you?

Bargain 3 - I've been looking for some lighting to put across the newly decorated units. These are Cotton & Cable balls, absolutely gorgeous, for £2!! The lady had left the receipt in the box, they're 2 years old, but who cares? They're still available on their website and currently cost £32!!

So, like I say, best car boot bargains - ever! We spent £13.00 and reckon walked away with over £200 worth of stuff that (a) is in excellent condition and (b) we actually wanted!

Amazing how a bargain lifts the spirits :)

In other, brief news, cos it's Jeff's one weekend off in 3 so don't want to spend hours blogging:

The local council are offering the carers grant again, not as much as last year, but hey, it's one of the few positive things that local councils do so we're not going to knock it :)

More governor interviews, but think that's it now till the autumn term, well, fingers crossed it is! Now just got the budget, school appeals, blah, blah, blah. Why do I do this again?

Josh has been approached by a couple of football teams, pleased for him. Was livid his last match of the season when his manager made him play the full 120 minutes (extra time) even though he was only just getting over the wound infection on his leg, wasn't match fit, and was limping. Even the rest of the team were like, come on boss, take him off, but he didn't. Not impressed.

Filling in more job applications - what a waste of time that is. For every job there are so many applicants you don't really stand a chance. And when you visit the business beforehand, and still they don't even have the decency to drop you a 'thanks but no thanks' note. Well, just plain rude. No excuse for bad manners. All it takes is a bog standard email, doesn't even have to cost anything. Mini rant over!

Oh, whole separate post coming next week on applying for Job Seekers Allowance. All I can say is no wonder the country's strapped for cash when I've witnessed how ridiculous and expensive the system is to run! A copy of said blog post will be sent to our MP. Yeah, I know, won't make a blind bit of difference, but will make me feel better :)

And that's it. Quiet week in the house, so no complaints. And I've just managed a whole week on my new schedule, not bad hey? Well, for me it's impressive LOL!

Laterz xx


  1. Great bargains!!! I love thrift shops and yard sales!

    1. Me too! You'll see a lot from now on while we try and save pennies on the vow renewal celebrations :) x

  2. Yes Sundays do seem the day for car boot sales. Great post.


    1. Hi Yvonne :) With our lousy weather at the moment, got to make the most of any that are on :) x


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