Thursday, May 09, 2013

Timetableing Posts?

Or is it timetabling? Seeing as I'm not even sure it's actually a word I suppose I can spell it any way I like!

Been umming and erring about this for a few days. Whilst on the A-Z blog challenge I noticed a lot of people had set days for posting on certain topics and I thought maybe this was a good way to go. I checked out where I am with tagging posts - which I've only done for the last year or so - never knew what they were about before - now I think they're fab - especially as it turns out for statistics.

So, looking at the tags - over there, see, on the right :) It looks like I could break my posts down into the following groups:
* Family, friends and general diary stuff;
* Crafting and Upcycling;
* Writing my book;
* And one off posts like when I've had a really bad time with Ella; or when the government wants to lower the carer/child ratios

I did enjoy during the A-Z challenge using Sunday as a roundup of the week.
Monday would be good for crafting etc as I might get some creativity groove on over the weekend - maybe?
Wednesday for talking about my book, writing, etc.
And then Fridays for the one-off posts if I have anything remotely interesting to share - of course, what I think of as interesting might be your idea of hell ;)

Okay, in theory that sounds good - and we all know how i like my lists - but are we going to take bets on how long I actually manage to keep the schedule up? No, didn't think so, odds wouldn't be very good LOL!

So, Friday - one off posts? Well, tomorrow got to write up about our trip this week to the Warner Bros Studios Harry Potter Tour!

And while I was on a tidy up I've changed the layout a bit - got a column down each side now which I think is nicer - logo's/challenges etc on the left and info on the right :)

See you tomorrow - hopefully ;)


  1. I did notice a trend to posting different topics on different days. My isn't it quiet now the challenge is over.


    1. Hi Yvonne, it is a lot quieter. I have been visiting the reflections posts, but compared to the A-Z list it's a bit easier! x

  2. I didn't notice the tag thing during the a-z; but sorta use it with one of my other blogs (not 1 of the 3 I did a-z with).

    First I've made it here, glad to find you on the road trip. I'm your newest follower.

    1. Hi Sandy, thanks for visiting and following - hope you find the posts interesting, not boring! x

  3. I don't think I have my labels/tags set to show on my blog. I already have too much stuff on the right side! :)

    1. Hi JoJo, I know what you mean - that's the reason I changed mine to have 2 columns! Hopefully it'll be okay for a while LOL! xx


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