Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday - Six Months down in 2013 already?!

Poor neglected blog, and all the ones I like to visit! Unfortunately governor life took over 2 whole days and filling in 2 complex application forms for jobs took up another one! Managed 34 lengths of the swimming pool :) And in other news .......
Loving how our garden is beginning to take on a country garden look - has taken years! And now I realise the best thing is just to chuck seeds in and see what grows LOL Loving that the purple thistle looking flowers attract bees! And thinking that the rambling rose is maybe rambling a bit too much - will have to cull it at the end of the season LOL!
Couple of car boot bargains - both with next years celebrations in mind, £2.00 for the stand and £3.00 for the fountain :)
Have been asked to make a bag charm for a lady retiring - wants pink and leopard print. I was seriously beginning to think it would never happen. Then, at the car boot found this lady selling all her costume necklaces for 50p a string. Had a result and found the leopard print - and quite a few others! Ashton and I spent a few hours yesterday dismantling them and creating this lovely bowl of beads :) Now to make more :)
Ella's sports day. In some ways it shows how far she's come, but also highlights her needs ;(
 Having a picnic in the park during a rare sunny day!
Spotted at a local garden centre. I made Jeff pull over so I could take a photo! Say no more, I know I have a dirty mind - but it is funny!
Friday night Jeff and me went round to Sandra and Derek's for a meal, along with Jeanette and Pete. And what did we 3 girls (yeah, okay, I know!) chat about - the wedding vows. Only I wouldn't tell them anything, they've got to wait till next week when we meet up with Julie :)

Now off to blogland and try and catch up with cyber-folks :) xx
Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crafty Monday

And I know technically it's late Sunday, but I'm going to be really busy tomorrow! So short and sweet post - I heard that sigh of relief after yesterday's photopost LOL

Anyhow, this is the only thing I have made all week!

It's an 8" x 10" canvas board.
Digi stamp from Dilly Beans
Promarkers mostly and the browns were Spectrum Noir
Stickles, Glitter, Flower Soft, pearls, microbeads
Font from the internet
Paints - from the tube and then all over my hands!

Sunday Catch Up

Needs no introductions, round up of the week .....
Jeff and Ella finally planting the hanging baskets.
Late this year, but then so's summer LOL 
Ella loves to 'help'
Testing the toasting bubbly for next year - considering it's a dirty job, it's amazing how many people are willing to help with this one LOL!
Poorly bird - has been in the garden for days, won't let us near him, although I don't know what we could do if it did :(
Hmmmm, so he's always busy is he? ;)
Getting together with the oldsmaids in a couple of weeks. Ebay bargain meant I got all these magazines for £2.03 - if we can't get some inspiration from this lot then it's going to be a pretty boring ceremony!
Told Jeff one of the hardest jobs would be working out who's sleeping where. He didn't believe me until I pointed out that the first attempt meant there was nowhere for his family! His suggestion? As long as we get first pickings, they can all duke it out LOL Yeah, cos that would really work *rolls eyes*
Note to self- do not let Jeff near the washing machine!
Ella is in Year 9, but Years 9 and 10 were invited to Year 11's Prom! I imagine otherwise there'd be a pretty empty hall!

Ben's 18th :)
Joe and Josh took him to a club - I probably got hardly any sleep till they were home!

Also governor meeting - SMC school fete - and sold something on ebay that I thought would go for 50 and went for 100 :) Have a blessed Sunday xx
Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Write Club

I chatted about this last Friday, remember the Friday Fight Club post? You can find out all about the write club at the end of the post. From what I understand you need to register obviously to enter, but also if you just want to vote. So go on, stroll over and register :)
Well I've gone and done it. Wrote 500 words - the actual premise of what to write came quite easily. Sticking to 500 words? Well that's a whole other ball game, challenging is not the word. Deserve a badge just for completing that party of the fun and games.

Write Club Right Here!

2013 - Big celebration year

Did you know I was due on the 13th and was 13 days late (obviously not my fault I'm always late, I was created this way!). And it's 2013. And this year I'm 50.
Benjamin is 18 today and my nephew James in Jane's arms is 18 in six weeks. Then my brothers girl, my beautiful niece Rebecca is 21 in December and 2 weeks after that my Joshua is 21! What a year!
Monday, June 17, 2013

Crafty Monday

9pm Monday night:
Joe "Mum, how easy is it to make a little craft thing for a wedding?"
Me " Pretty quick and easy - what do you want? like a mini album? or a fancy card? Gonna make it yourself, or hoping I might ;)"
Joe "Haha I was hoping you would make it. See I got a wedding Thursday umm I dunno just their names and the date and I don't know something weddingy lol"

Yes, This Thursday! (well, last week) So Monday is out by the time he asks. Tuesday I have Ella's annual review in the morning, governor meeting in the afternoon and cinema in the evening. BUT it will have to be posted next day guaranteed on Wednesday to get there for Thursday. So when am I making this???

Of course though I found time - sleep is highly overrated. Here's the end result. It would have been much more prettified if I had more than no notice! The red, white and blue are the colours for the wedding, and there was no theme. I sent him an invoice for my hourly rate LOL!
Front Cover
In other news - future craft projects. I bought all of this ........
.......... for under nine pounds from a charity shop and a car boot. I'm thinking the 2 easels will be fab for indoor signs, like the one below for the 'tea shoppe' and the cutlery? I saw this fab idea on pinterest but never saved the picture, although the one I did find is similar. Basically with a vintage theme you mix and match the cutlery and engrave words on the cutlery - love hope, dates, names of the kids, all sorts of soppy stuff. So only approx 210 pieces to engrave, eeek!
Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Photo Roll Call

Another busy week in the household! As always, thanks to Google images for the cartoons :)
We've had this Japanese Wisteria in the garden for about 12 years and this is the first year it's flowered, 
so definitely worth a mention!
Governor meeting - and doesn't this ring true? :)
Ella's annual review -
pretty much feel this cartoon describes how we get nowhere!
Cinema with Joy and Dawn
Minibook for Joe -
 just the cover here, will put all the pictures up tomorrow for Craft Monday
 Visit Hayley - Sorry, but this cartoon just made me LOL!
 Get together with Ariane, Ami and Joy -
we get to go to all the best places!
Prepared paperwork for appeal - only 1 this year!
Pick Rebecca up from Halls of Residence - chose a car cartoon cos it was a long old time on the roads! But no, Jeff didn't get a ticket - just couldn't find a cartoon that showed 6 hours of sitting in the car LOL!
Family lunch at Mum's
 Swimming with Anna

And I think that's it! Hope they lightened your day - have a blessed Sunday :) xx
Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Fight Club

Oops sorry, make that Write Club - which is just as well, cos if was fight club the first rule would be we couldn't talk about it LOL and if you think I have completely lost the plot this is what you can't talk about ....
*sigh* Brad Pitt :)
and this is what we can talk about .....
WRITE CLUB 2013 is now open for submissions and I'm going to have a go. Only 500 words - I know, me and only 500 words, must be a masochist! Anyhow, all the info is on this link HERE! Have a nosey and maybe have a go :)
And that's all,
Laterz xx

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Writing on Wednesday

Just a quick post. I did a post for a friends blog here so there's some writing.
I've finally sorted - for now until I tweak them! - the first four chapters of the next novella in the series - I'm thinking Legacy Dawning? Legacy Waking - something like that.
And I have finally got round to emailing Carolyn Brown who offered to give me some advice.

Now I just need to soak my wrist where Ella yanked it this morning :( and go do the healthy thing that we're supposed to be doing LOL!

Laterz xx
Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crafty Monday

And a hello from anyone popping in from Sarah's blog :)

Major photo post - get ready! I did a fair at the weekend, but it was an art fair, so instead of mini albums, key chains, etc, everything was art. And being a lover of inspirational quotes, spirituality, chakra's etc it was quite easy to decide what to create. Anyhow, for the first time it was quite successful, and I have finally decided to open an Esty shop - and you can find it here, InspireSpiritualArt :) Just need to add some stock!

So here's a sample of what I made, sold, and need to put on Etsy :)