Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Catch Up

Needs no introductions, round up of the week .....
Jeff and Ella finally planting the hanging baskets.
Late this year, but then so's summer LOL 
Ella loves to 'help'
Testing the toasting bubbly for next year - considering it's a dirty job, it's amazing how many people are willing to help with this one LOL!
Poorly bird - has been in the garden for days, won't let us near him, although I don't know what we could do if it did :(
Hmmmm, so he's always busy is he? ;)
Getting together with the oldsmaids in a couple of weeks. Ebay bargain meant I got all these magazines for £2.03 - if we can't get some inspiration from this lot then it's going to be a pretty boring ceremony!
Told Jeff one of the hardest jobs would be working out who's sleeping where. He didn't believe me until I pointed out that the first attempt meant there was nowhere for his family! His suggestion? As long as we get first pickings, they can all duke it out LOL Yeah, cos that would really work *rolls eyes*
Note to self- do not let Jeff near the washing machine!
Ella is in Year 9, but Years 9 and 10 were invited to Year 11's Prom! I imagine otherwise there'd be a pretty empty hall!

Ben's 18th :)
Joe and Josh took him to a club - I probably got hardly any sleep till they were home!

Also governor meeting - SMC school fete - and sold something on ebay that I thought would go for 50 and went for 100 :) Have a blessed Sunday xx


  1. A wonderful up lifting post and awesome pictures to compliament. Thank you.


  2. Those are some serious suds in the machine!! How many rinse cycles did it take? lol


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