Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Photo Roll Call

Another busy week in the household! As always, thanks to Google images for the cartoons :)
We've had this Japanese Wisteria in the garden for about 12 years and this is the first year it's flowered, 
so definitely worth a mention!
Governor meeting - and doesn't this ring true? :)
Ella's annual review -
pretty much feel this cartoon describes how we get nowhere!
Cinema with Joy and Dawn
Minibook for Joe -
 just the cover here, will put all the pictures up tomorrow for Craft Monday
 Visit Hayley - Sorry, but this cartoon just made me LOL!
 Get together with Ariane, Ami and Joy -
we get to go to all the best places!
Prepared paperwork for appeal - only 1 this year!
Pick Rebecca up from Halls of Residence - chose a car cartoon cos it was a long old time on the roads! But no, Jeff didn't get a ticket - just couldn't find a cartoon that showed 6 hours of sitting in the car LOL!
Family lunch at Mum's
 Swimming with Anna

And I think that's it! Hope they lightened your day - have a blessed Sunday :) xx


  1. Cheered me no end. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad they put a smile on your face Yvonne xx

  2. Ooh i want to go and see that movie - what was it like? It looks so funny on the previews which bugs me as sometimes they only show the good bits! lol Thanks for taking part in social sunday *heart*

    1. It was good Debbie - but not hilarious. It was American humour rather than British, does that make sense? If you've seen 'I Give It A Year' that's very British humour, The Big Wedding is softer! In hindsight, one that I could have happily waited for on DVD!

  3. Hehe, these pics are so funny, love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Deb x

    1. Hi Deb! Likewise - hoping Debbie's Social Sunday keeps growing :) x

  4. Stopping by from Debbie's Social Sunday! Did you enjoy The Big Wedding? I thought it was funny and Ben Barnes looks very cute in it ;)

    1. Hi Zarina, thanks for dropping by - if you scroll up a little I sort of explained to Debbie my thoughts on the film :) x


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