Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday - Six Months down in 2013 already?!

Poor neglected blog, and all the ones I like to visit! Unfortunately governor life took over 2 whole days and filling in 2 complex application forms for jobs took up another one! Managed 34 lengths of the swimming pool :) And in other news .......
Loving how our garden is beginning to take on a country garden look - has taken years! And now I realise the best thing is just to chuck seeds in and see what grows LOL Loving that the purple thistle looking flowers attract bees! And thinking that the rambling rose is maybe rambling a bit too much - will have to cull it at the end of the season LOL!
Couple of car boot bargains - both with next years celebrations in mind, £2.00 for the stand and £3.00 for the fountain :)
Have been asked to make a bag charm for a lady retiring - wants pink and leopard print. I was seriously beginning to think it would never happen. Then, at the car boot found this lady selling all her costume necklaces for 50p a string. Had a result and found the leopard print - and quite a few others! Ashton and I spent a few hours yesterday dismantling them and creating this lovely bowl of beads :) Now to make more :)
Ella's sports day. In some ways it shows how far she's come, but also highlights her needs ;(
 Having a picnic in the park during a rare sunny day!
Spotted at a local garden centre. I made Jeff pull over so I could take a photo! Say no more, I know I have a dirty mind - but it is funny!
Friday night Jeff and me went round to Sandra and Derek's for a meal, along with Jeanette and Pete. And what did we 3 girls (yeah, okay, I know!) chat about - the wedding vows. Only I wouldn't tell them anything, they've got to wait till next week when we meet up with Julie :)

Now off to blogland and try and catch up with cyber-folks :) xx


  1. My eyes were of course first drawn to the bowl of beads! I, for one, am happy to see the first 6 mos. end. It was a rough time for a lot of people.

    1. LOL JoJo - some of those beads are gorgeous :) And yes, it has been tough for some people, let's hope the next 6 is better x

  2. Wonderful post, hard to believe we're into July already.


    1. It is flying past isn't it Yvonnne z


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