Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Write Club

I chatted about this last Friday, remember the Friday Fight Club post? You can find out all about the write club at the end of the post. From what I understand you need to register obviously to enter, but also if you just want to vote. So go on, stroll over and register :)
Well I've gone and done it. Wrote 500 words - the actual premise of what to write came quite easily. Sticking to 500 words? Well that's a whole other ball game, challenging is not the word. Deserve a badge just for completing that party of the fun and games.

Write Club Right Here!


  1. I participated in Write Club last year and it was a blast reading and voting on everyone's entries. Wish I could participate again this year, but I'm knee deep in edits. Enjoy and good luck!

    1. Thanks Elise, I'm not even expecting to get past the first 32, but it was a good exercise :) xx


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