Thursday, June 13, 2013

Writing on Wednesday

Just a quick post. I did a post for a friends blog here so there's some writing.
I've finally sorted - for now until I tweak them! - the first four chapters of the next novella in the series - I'm thinking Legacy Dawning? Legacy Waking - something like that.
And I have finally got round to emailing Carolyn Brown who offered to give me some advice.

Now I just need to soak my wrist where Ella yanked it this morning :( and go do the healthy thing that we're supposed to be doing LOL!

Laterz xx


  1. I hope your wrist feels better. My German shepherd has pulled my arms/shoulders so bad that one time I thought I was having heart attack chest pains but it was a pulled muscle.

    1. Oh wow JoJo - only a couple of months ago I had such severe pains the gp checked my heart - and same thing, pulled muscle! xx


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