Sunday, July 07, 2013

Squeezing an Annus Horribilis into a Week

Excuse the language but this week was c*ap with a Capital C.
Joe had a car accident and flipped and totalled his car.
Joshua had to have an ambulance out as his knee locked while in town and is waiting for an MRI.
I had to have an ambulance out as I fell off an 18" stage and had a suspected broken ankle. Imagine the irony of ending up in the A&E bed next to your son! Cannot walk and I am already going stir crazy.
So couldn't make a fair I was booked at so no income this week.
Couldn't help with a retirement party I was supposed to be co-organising.
Joe had major bust up with Dad and Sandra and nearly ended up homeless.
Ella had such a meltdown that she kicked me very hard in the boob area, causing it to bruise.

Usually I'm cup half full, but so not feeling it at the moment! Although I did have a lovely morning with Lydia and ordered the flowers for next year before everything unravelled.
Before pic of my part of the garage to sort out
Out with Orla:)
Flowers from our climbing rose in the garden
£90 pair of adidas shoes - think we shall be asking for a refund!
Joe's car - he was definitely being watched over!


  1. Oh wow I am so, so sorry. I'm blaming all of it on Mercury retrograde. 2013, as a whole, has been rough for a lot of people. I hope all of you feel better and are on the mend soon!

  2. So sorry it has been a bad week, hopefully this week will be better for you all. Get well soon.

  3. Life seems to throw it all at us in clumps. But it sounds as though you've managed to keep your humor intact through it all. Hopefully, next week will be a good one, & you'll be able to look back and laugh. And if not, keep ducking the "clumps."
    Kathy @ Swagger Writers

  4. I am very sorry for your mishaps all in a week. I had three months back in 1998 like that.
    Hope things will be better this coming week.



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