Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week Two Recouping in SW France

Before I go into photo mode can I just say thanks to all my followers - over 50 - yay! From only 6 in April to over 50 in August, feeling the love :)

Jeff took Joshua and Ashton to Penne D'Agenais. I went last year and going in a wheelchair, 
well, let's say, medieval villages weren't built with wheelchairs in mind ;)
 And I know I'm biased, but hasn't Josh grown into a handsome man - 
can't believe out of all the modelling agencies he contacted none of them signed him up!
Jeff, me, Ella, Joshua and Ashton went for a meal out to Buffalo Grill. 
Benjamin and James decided to stay home and have homemade spaghetti! 
Joshua, bless him, paid for him and Ashton, so it was a bit like a date for them with 3 chaperones LOL
Had the most amazing storm Wednesday night, went on for about 6 hours going round and round. 
Obviously no-one stayed in the tent, but the next morning we had to go and repair all the damage!
Chilling by the pool
Visiting a Brocante in a little village called Dausse
Laterz xx


  1. I must've missed the post where you mentioned going to France. Your son lives there? Yes is he very handsome! It's funny but when I think of homes in France...all of Europe really.....I never picture modern homes but assume people live in homes built in the middle ages. Like it never occurred to me that people in France would have pools. lol

    1. Hi JoJo, At my two week post-op check up the doctor approved me coming to France.Still disappointed about Italy but at least it's a break for everyone. My brother lives here in a big old farmhouse - and the guest room is on the ground floor, so no bumping up and down a flight of stairs to go to bed LOL The area my brother lives in is full of homes that are hundred's of years old, but it's catching up with the 21st century too - best of both worlds :) xx

  2. Looks fun :) how's the hobbling going and can't find you on FB land! xxxx

    1. Still not allowed to even hobble :( Sept 6th at the earliest - and probably no driving till the new year! Will email you xx


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