Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Crafting

Decided to make the invites for the celebrations next year - I mean, seriously, have you seen the price of invites?! I wanted the pocket ones with lots of info, and for the style I was looking at, well, in excess of £3.50 seemed the norm! And at least this way I could have them exactly how I wanted.

Remember I made the Save The Date cards as bookmarks all for less than a fiver :)

  • The card and tags were part of a 12" x 12" pack from Hobbycraft called Love Letters, I just thought the colours were perfect for a vintage theme.
  • Martha Stewart border punch Jeff bought me back from America a couple of years ago
  •  Buttons from a car boot for 30p - and I have 100's left over :)
  • White card, paper and Cats Eyes ink already in my crafting supplies :)
So, even if you add in the cost of the bits I already had, 30 invites cost around a tenner - compared to at least £105!! Now that I call a bargain - of course if we add in the hourly rate, not so much! But seeing as I'm stuck at home, might as well do something with my time.

Work in progress :)
All done and ready for posting - next year :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Round Up

Haven't got up to a whole lot to share this month, being unable to get anywhere without a lift is both limiting and emotionally draining. I know it's only a foot, and I know it could have been so much worse, but honestly, for someone who is always on the go, making me sit on my butt for months is torture! My cup half full philosophy has taken a bit of a pounding, but never one to be beaten, here's some of the things that have been going on thanks to people I love, wheelchairs and the TV!

ETA - Well writing this lot down has made me realise I've done more than I thought! Although sadly, this is the only writing I've managed all month - so much for me joining in with Query Con, depression isn't conducive to story telling.

Get together with the oldsmaids- Julie, Jeanette and Sandra - which was a brilliant evening of drinking, laughing and eating -perfect!

Jeff and I helped out at the QP bar one evening - forgot how much I enjoy bar work! Although I did spend as much time with my leg up on a chair as I did serving!

Governor meetings.

Two long interviews, without success - well, I assume without success as they never bothered to get back to me.

Visiting a respite place - yep, after 14 months of being an 'emergency' we've finally made it to the top of the list!
TV - Haven's back, loving the bad boy Duke. 
 Invites for next year started and finished
Literary Character quiz - Turns out my literary character is Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings. And as I've read the books and watched the films I'm more than happy with that! Click on the link to find out more and have a go!
Duck Dynasty -
Only just got into this (yes, sitting on the butt includes lots of TV!)

Visited Joe, good to see him, he seems to be coping better than I would :)

Took Joshua, Ashton and Kendal to model for a wedding Gothic shoot - seen a few of the photos, they are fab :) Here's a sneak peek :)
Attending a MacMillan coffee morning down at SMC
Beautiful bunch of flowers from Ashton for taking her on holiday with us.
I should have given her a bouquet cos she was such a help with me!
Ella made me breakfast - errrr, yum?
Mum asked me to do a quick scrapbook as a leaving present for Fr Chris. I nearly had kittens when she said she wanted it done in a sticky album but she wouldn't be swayed. For me it's not great, but Mum loved it and that's what matters.
No wonder we keep finding spiders in our house! Looked beautiful in the early morning, but bit unnerving to wonder how many spiders it took LOL!
Manor Farm, Burlsedon
Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Feeling the stress again, hence the lack of posts except for a couple of scheduled ones that I had already planned - and even that I screwed up with the second one :(

At the moment my life is one big waiting and circles ...... Jeff is still being the superhero from working to housework to getting the boys to football to dealing with Ella to shopping ...... well, you get the idea, that's his circle.

Poor Joe is again being entertained You Know Where. So soon after his nasty car accident too, I really feel for him. He decided to have a holiday - you're not supposed to do that when you're on parole - and someone advised the authorities. So he's now back inside, and has been for 7 weeks already. He's now got to wait for his PO to sort accommodation before they'll release him - even though they agree that he doesn't deserve to be in there. Hmmmm, council waiting list, could be a while. And what about taxpayers money to keep him there for a bit of hookie?

Now Ella -if you're a facebook friend you'll know I complained to SS about their lack of support. So nearly 4 weeks ago the Head of the Dept came to see us. Still waiting for so much as an email from her to follow up on everything.

Joshua is still waiting for an MRI but the rest of the brood are okay,

Me, well I'm still in a cast, now 11 weeks post injury. And if you're not yet completely depressed, then you can find out how the healing is going on on this linkylink here :)
Wednesday, September 11, 2013

sept 11 cover reveal

For queendsheena here is her cover reveal!

Title: Sacrifice HER by Sheena-kay Graham

Release Date: December 2013

Summary: When a city is at stake is the life of one sixteen-year old girl worth risking thousands? Deidra Moore goes on the run after escaping from a group of human sacrifices for Bane: God of War. She doesn't believe he exists and sees uncertainty in the scorching desert as a better alternative. But Faux City isn't finished with her and their leader Lord Brinn is ordered by Bane - through one of his maiden worshippers- to bring her back or face dire consequences. In the desert Deidra meets a wanderer named Kane and as feelings spark can they find a safe place to lead a new life before Lord Brinn and his soldiers catch up with them? Yet the question remains. Does Bane really exist and if he does what will happen if either side succeeds or fails? Told in alternating perspectives of both the runaway servant girl and the blonde strong willed leader.

Sheena-kay Graham was never meant for a traditional job behind a desk. Her childhood career plans included becoming a ballerina, actress or someone who helped people. So naturally she decided to be a writer who writes from her bed. Yes, no desk for this Jamaican book lover. No matter if it’s reading, writing or using the get the gist. The love of the written word has always been with her leading to stories, novels, poetry and way too much fan fiction. This Christian woman can be found trolling Amazon online, in local book bookstores, watching movies on the big screen, or in her bed, or reading/writing/on the laptop...again in her bed. Mainly writes YA fiction and is ready to unleash her creativity to wow the masses.
Wednesday, September 04, 2013

IWSG September

It's that time of the month when Insecure Writers can post about their worries, fears, anxieties and receive help and support from other members :) Isn't that the best?
All thanks to AlexJCavanaugh who started it up and today the group celebrates its second anniversary. If you click on the badge you can find out a bit more :)

Last month I chatted generally about insecurities I have had since childhood and Donna Weaver wrote in my comments that one's self-worth is not conditional upon someone else's opinion.

So that comment led me onto today's topic - Marketing and owning up that you've written something! When I first started writing my novel I told no-one, not even my better half. I was worried about reactions. Now that the first novella is as good as done (although I think it shall need an upgrade now that I've revisited it - but that's a whole other post!) I need to start promoting myself. But how on earth do you do that when you worry about how others will rate it - back to Donna's quote. And honestly I haven't got an answer yet, although have a few ideas ........ growing a thicker skin ........... partaking in illegal substances then I wouldn't care about anything ......... giving someone a thick ear ........ Okay so maybe not the best course of action, but honestly, it seems like the writing of the book has gone from being the hardest part of the whole publishing process to the easiest!

On that note I'll leave you with this inspirational quote, because we all know how much I love a good quote :)
Found at
Monday, September 02, 2013

Red, White & Blue makes Purple Blogfest - My Short Story )

The Daddy
     He was coming home today. Everyone was excited, everyone except Hannah. Nanny and Pops seemed almost more excited than her Mummy. Everyone kept saying to her "I bet you can't wait!" and she smiled at them, that seemed to be the response they wanted. Deep down she wasn't really bothered, if it hadn't been for the photographs of him holding her as a baby she would refuse to believe that she even knew him. Hannah especially didn't like how their routine was changing to accommodate this man she knew as The Daddy. Everyday, after Jared and Frankie had caught the school bus, it had just been her and Mummy.
     Today was a school day but Jared and Frankie had not gone to school because this was the day The Daddy was coming home. She wasn't even going to get a little bit of time on her own with her Mummy. Out of the window she could see Pops and Grandad tangled up in a banner that Jared explained said 'Welcome Home Daddy!' Hannah was equally unimpressed with seeing yellow ribbons that should be in her hair being tied everywhere. Her bottom lip stuck out and she let out a very loud, sob. Very quickly one sob had turned into a river of tears and a heartbroken cry. It was all too much for her. Everyone thought it was sweet that she couldn't wait to see The Daddy. They were wrong.
     It was too late now. Everyone went quiet at the sound of a horn beeping. Looking out the window confirmed a yellow cab had pulled up. Jared and Frankie were first out of the door, tearing down the path. The Daddy appeared from the cab smiling and, seeing his sons careering towards him, dropped his kit bag onto the floor and flung his arms open wide enough to wrap his arms around both of them and pull them close to his chest. Whilst still listening to them talking non-stop he scooped up one under each arm and walked up towards the house. They knew The Daddy. Hannah was aware that for the first time she was jealous of their feelings. He gave her Mummy a kiss and Hannah could see her Mummy laughing and crying at the same time, which made no sense to her at all.
     Then The Daddy said "Where's my little princess? Where's Hannah?" and all the grown-ups went quiet. Hannah peeked her head around her Mummy's legs and found The Daddy kneeling at her level. "Hello princess, I have missed you so much." The sound of his voice calling her princess stirred up something distant. As he put his arms around her and hugged her tight she involuntarily nuzzled into his neck and the smell of his skin brought forth more intense emotions. And then all the memories came flooding back. This wasn't an intruder about to spoil her life. This wasn't The Daddy. This was Her Daddy.
Word Count 495

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