Wednesday, September 04, 2013

IWSG September

It's that time of the month when Insecure Writers can post about their worries, fears, anxieties and receive help and support from other members :) Isn't that the best?
All thanks to AlexJCavanaugh who started it up and today the group celebrates its second anniversary. If you click on the badge you can find out a bit more :)

Last month I chatted generally about insecurities I have had since childhood and Donna Weaver wrote in my comments that one's self-worth is not conditional upon someone else's opinion.

So that comment led me onto today's topic - Marketing and owning up that you've written something! When I first started writing my novel I told no-one, not even my better half. I was worried about reactions. Now that the first novella is as good as done (although I think it shall need an upgrade now that I've revisited it - but that's a whole other post!) I need to start promoting myself. But how on earth do you do that when you worry about how others will rate it - back to Donna's quote. And honestly I haven't got an answer yet, although have a few ideas ........ growing a thicker skin ........... partaking in illegal substances then I wouldn't care about anything ......... giving someone a thick ear ........ Okay so maybe not the best course of action, but honestly, it seems like the writing of the book has gone from being the hardest part of the whole publishing process to the easiest!

On that note I'll leave you with this inspirational quote, because we all know how much I love a good quote :)
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  1. I love that final "biting comment"!
    Great post Suzanne.
    I grew up with a "what will the neighbours say and think" mentality... and it took me a long time to get rid of that...
    This makes me think of the words: Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. But I suppose it's a case of easier said than done...
    Happy Writing!
    September co-host for IWSG.
    Writer In Transit

  2. Oh, I love that quote!
    I can relate to this, I never told anyone I was writing for the longest time and I was terrified even to start blogging. I sat with my finger over the "publish" button forever when I wrote my first post. I still don't have a thick skin and agonize over reviews but I'm trying to get better with that. I'm going to keep this biting quote in mind! :)

  3. I working on letting praise fill the hard drive. I'm always clinging to the negative and not the positive. I'm flipping that. Yes, I am.

    Glad to hear about your bravery.

  4. Great quote. It is hard to open up about writing with people who don't 'get' it! I have found it gets a bit ove easier time. Sometimes we are tougher on ourselves than others though!

  5. Great post Suzanne. Wonderful to read.


  6. Great post! I have a lot of the same insecurities that you writers seem to have, but with crafts.

  7. So true. I fear that the only way to go is take a deep breath and start.

    You can't not market unless you want your book to fail, so you need to get past that fear and hope for the best.

    Who knows? You might get some support from someone who surprises you.


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