Monday, September 02, 2013

Red, White & Blue makes Purple Blogfest - My Short Story )

The Daddy
     He was coming home today. Everyone was excited, everyone except Hannah. Nanny and Pops seemed almost more excited than her Mummy. Everyone kept saying to her "I bet you can't wait!" and she smiled at them, that seemed to be the response they wanted. Deep down she wasn't really bothered, if it hadn't been for the photographs of him holding her as a baby she would refuse to believe that she even knew him. Hannah especially didn't like how their routine was changing to accommodate this man she knew as The Daddy. Everyday, after Jared and Frankie had caught the school bus, it had just been her and Mummy.
     Today was a school day but Jared and Frankie had not gone to school because this was the day The Daddy was coming home. She wasn't even going to get a little bit of time on her own with her Mummy. Out of the window she could see Pops and Grandad tangled up in a banner that Jared explained said 'Welcome Home Daddy!' Hannah was equally unimpressed with seeing yellow ribbons that should be in her hair being tied everywhere. Her bottom lip stuck out and she let out a very loud, sob. Very quickly one sob had turned into a river of tears and a heartbroken cry. It was all too much for her. Everyone thought it was sweet that she couldn't wait to see The Daddy. They were wrong.
     It was too late now. Everyone went quiet at the sound of a horn beeping. Looking out the window confirmed a yellow cab had pulled up. Jared and Frankie were first out of the door, tearing down the path. The Daddy appeared from the cab smiling and, seeing his sons careering towards him, dropped his kit bag onto the floor and flung his arms open wide enough to wrap his arms around both of them and pull them close to his chest. Whilst still listening to them talking non-stop he scooped up one under each arm and walked up towards the house. They knew The Daddy. Hannah was aware that for the first time she was jealous of their feelings. He gave her Mummy a kiss and Hannah could see her Mummy laughing and crying at the same time, which made no sense to her at all.
     Then The Daddy said "Where's my little princess? Where's Hannah?" and all the grown-ups went quiet. Hannah peeked her head around her Mummy's legs and found The Daddy kneeling at her level. "Hello princess, I have missed you so much." The sound of his voice calling her princess stirred up something distant. As he put his arms around her and hugged her tight she involuntarily nuzzled into his neck and the smell of his skin brought forth more intense emotions. And then all the memories came flooding back. This wasn't an intruder about to spoil her life. This wasn't The Daddy. This was Her Daddy.
Word Count 495

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  1. Charming little piece - I like that the Daddy's smell triggered her memories. I believe smell to be our most powerful sense when it comes to memory and emotion.

  2. That was really sweet! Kinda reminds me of my FB friend saying how unsure her baby girl was when her husband came home from an over 6 month deployment. She was very tentative with him, while her brothers and sisters were all over their dad.

  3. I like how you told it through the daughter's perspective. Very tender and well done.

  4. Love it. It's great to see it from the child's perspective. It's so hard to know what they're thinking at times like this.

  5. How sweet! This piece captures the feelings and thoughts of the young girl very well.


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