Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Round Up

Haven't got up to a whole lot to share this month, being unable to get anywhere without a lift is both limiting and emotionally draining. I know it's only a foot, and I know it could have been so much worse, but honestly, for someone who is always on the go, making me sit on my butt for months is torture! My cup half full philosophy has taken a bit of a pounding, but never one to be beaten, here's some of the things that have been going on thanks to people I love, wheelchairs and the TV!

ETA - Well writing this lot down has made me realise I've done more than I thought! Although sadly, this is the only writing I've managed all month - so much for me joining in with Query Con, depression isn't conducive to story telling.

Get together with the oldsmaids- Julie, Jeanette and Sandra - which was a brilliant evening of drinking, laughing and eating -perfect!

Jeff and I helped out at the QP bar one evening - forgot how much I enjoy bar work! Although I did spend as much time with my leg up on a chair as I did serving!

Governor meetings.

Two long interviews, without success - well, I assume without success as they never bothered to get back to me.

Visiting a respite place - yep, after 14 months of being an 'emergency' we've finally made it to the top of the list!
TV - Haven's back, loving the bad boy Duke. 
 Invites for next year started and finished
Literary Character quiz - Turns out my literary character is Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings. And as I've read the books and watched the films I'm more than happy with that! Click on the link to find out more and have a go!
Duck Dynasty -
Only just got into this (yes, sitting on the butt includes lots of TV!)

Visited Joe, good to see him, he seems to be coping better than I would :)

Took Joshua, Ashton and Kendal to model for a wedding Gothic shoot - seen a few of the photos, they are fab :) Here's a sneak peek :)
Attending a MacMillan coffee morning down at SMC
Beautiful bunch of flowers from Ashton for taking her on holiday with us.
I should have given her a bouquet cos she was such a help with me!
Ella made me breakfast - errrr, yum?
Mum asked me to do a quick scrapbook as a leaving present for Fr Chris. I nearly had kittens when she said she wanted it done in a sticky album but she wouldn't be swayed. For me it's not great, but Mum loved it and that's what matters.
No wonder we keep finding spiders in our house! Looked beautiful in the early morning, but bit unnerving to wonder how many spiders it took LOL!
Manor Farm, Burlsedon


  1. Hi Suzanne, enjoyed your September round up. Sorry about your foot, we don't realise how important they are until we can't use them. Hope it recovers soon.

    1. Hi Yvonne, I know, it's like any part of your body, don't realise how much you use it till you can't! xx

  2. Your pictures are great!!! Hey I took that quiz and I am 'Juliet'. lol I really don't consider myself a romantic. I've done some large photo album scrapbooks with the sticky pages and they've come out great. I only do that with vacation pics. Loved the spider webs, they are perfect for Halloween.

    1. Hi JoJo! Juliet - hmm, yes, definitely prefer Eowyn! Sometimes the results on those quizzes are just so far off the mark LOL Thanks for the reminder, better start thinking about Halloween decorations :) xx

  3. Hi Suzanne! Just stopping by to thank you for visiting my blog with the Blitz Team the other day and for your kind comment. Have a great day! Lily.

  4. I know I'm out of the loop here, but hope your foot is feeling better soon. Nothing worse than having to be helped around.

    It does sound like you got quite a bit done, though....that's a good thing :)

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for the healing vibes! It is definitely getting easier, I'm not quite as stir crazy as I was in July and August! xx


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