Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday free-for-all

So thought I  would do an update on my relationship with this Lisfranc individual :) It's now 4 weeks since I started partial weight bearing and 14 weeks since my injury. If you need a refresher my post here explains about the injury - although if you're a follower of American Football you've probably heard of it!

So how am I doing? Well, better than the last couple of Lisfranc posts here, but there's still lots of issues that are going to be hanging around for a while.
Let's do the positives first ......
I am getting to grips with the crutches. I need two if I go out but can manage with one if it's getting about the house.
And getting out is bliss! But tiring. So I am appreciating the little things that we all take for granted. Like shopping. And baking.And carrying a cup of tea from the kitchen to the front room! Relish those little things, you don't appreciate how important they are.
The scars look good to the amateur (yes,me!)
I managed to get in the hot tub!

Now onto the negatives!
The frustration of others attitudes. My favourite is 'Oh, you're still in the cast?' I have to bite my tongue when what I really want to say is "Oh, I don't need it, I just think it's eye-catching and makes for a good sympathy vote!" I mean, FFS, who would choose to still be hopping around after 14 weeks?!
Really bad blisters on my hands which are just beginning to heal - photo shows healing :)
Still getting those electric shocks - which I know means the nerves are healing - but doesn't mean I don't jump through my skin when it happens!
Tiredness. I find I can do one task, but that's it. I cancelled a teaching interview this week as I know I couldn't cope yet. And temping at nurseries is still months away. I looked at a part-time job which was butt-based but as Jeff pointed out how the hell would I get there? Not as if I can go out tomorrow and buy an automatic! Although I think in the long term that's what I shall be driving.
Still not driving, so having to rely on others - I hate being reliant on anybody!
Burnt my arm on the oven as I bent down to get something out and temporarily forgot that my ankle doesn't bend at the moment!
Still not slept right through since the accident - yawn!
So that burn meant no sauna as it would heat my skin and anyone that's had a burn will tell you heating a burn means it feels like it's burning all over again. And no steam room as I needed the blister to dry. Even in the hot tub I had to keep it above water, looked like I was in a permanent state of 'please sir'! Going away with a nurse and a paramedic sure took some of the fun out of the weekend LOL!

My hand isn't actually that red, think that's the photo! But you get the picture
Day after the burn
Healing slowly - if you look close you can see the healing from the micropore allergy *rolls eyes* My choices were leave it uncovered at night and knock the blister, or cover it and suffer my micropore allergy. I chose the later - decided Sudocreme for a rash was better than an infected burn!
So I suppose I am feeling better in myself on a day to day basis, but unsure of what the future is going to hold!


  1. It is frustrating when people ask oh I see you're still in a cast. As if you didn't know it yourself? my daughter when young had to have a knee op and was in a cast for months......yet at school games they wanted her to do trampolining.!!!!!!! I hope the positive overcomes the negative soon.
    Take care.

  2. You have been through the wringer haven't you! :( That burn looks horribly painful too. I hope that you continue to heal with no further setbacks!

  3. Yikes. I'm sending big thoughts of fast healing your way right now!!!

  4. Sending positive thoughts and cyber hugs to you, hope you are feeling better soon. Take care.

  5. That's a nasty burn! It's not been an easy few months for you. I hope things get better soon.


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