Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Writing

So what have I been reading lately?

Really enjoyed the Help :) Haven't seen the screen version yet, hoping when I do it's not another film that doesn't do justice to the book - like a few films we could name!
Okay - The Prince of Mist was sort of an accident. I have read two of Carlos Ruis Zafon's other novels and couldn't put them down, so thought this would be the same. Well, technically it was, I did enjoy it, but it was a children's book he had written, so very different to the other two! Still, it was enjoyable, and didn't take long to read!
This one was a charity shop find, sounded intriguing, I love a bit of a supernatural slant :) The pace was slower, but it worked. Sometimes a book is so slow to start you fall asleep before the end LOL
Finally, my little brother recommended this one. I enjoyed it from the start, although I did have trouble getting my head around all the characters and found I would have to flip back to earlier letters to remember who the person was! Definitely worth the perseverance though :)


Love to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts below. Suzanne xx