Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunday Round Up :)

A thousand apologies to regular readers, but I did say November would be manic and so far it's proving me right. So here's a fun photo catch up ........
Annual Center Parcs trip. I'm not allowed to show all the embarrassing photos so instead the meal I prepared for everyone - a continental breakfast - best I could manage with a gammy leg!
 Out for a stroll with Lou and Mark :) Pictures above and below are Bridlington Church - which we got locked in to - and had to wait for a passer by to get the Vicar to let us out LOL!
In Durham for a few hours - not long enough, it was too cold, and my foot wasn't fixed enough - to see the lovely Debbie while Jeff went and watched Sunderland beat Newcastle, so we both had fun!
Photos above and below from another trip to Hampton Court Palace - annual ticket is worth every penny :)

Outcome of my appointment with Mr G is that I can walk! Yay :) Although I am having to wear Crocs and a pair of shoes that could only be described as 'comfortable and sensible'! I know, not my kind of shoes! Detailed update on the Lisfranc tab :)

Day out to Woking with the girls :)

 Swimming - Back up to 32 lengths (half a mile) so far.

Lots of governor meetings and an interview - this postcard is just perfect!

And other stuff that I haven't got photographs for (aka have got too much else going on to keep hunting for images!) ......

Ella has started at the local residential unit, goes after school on a Friday and we pick her up at 9pm. Also had a trip to John Radcliffe,  seen her SW, been to Monday youth club and Thursday dancing!

November targets are going better than I expected:)

Sara's been round for wine.
Anna for tea.
Joy to explain how to do Weight Watchers
Dawn to the cinema - Captain Phillips -enjoyed it far more than I thought I would!
Shopping with mum sorting out Ella's birthday and Christmas presents
Mireille for catch-up, in between governor stuff!
First playwork lesson
Managed to see Orla and Martha.

Biggest pain, except for the Joe nightmare, is that, although Mr G gave me the go ahead I still can't drive. Tried today and it's too painful putting my foot on the clutch. Grrrr. Automatic car is on the cards I think :)
Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Insecure Writers Support Group
First Wednesday of the month, must be IWSG - click on the piccy if it means nothing to you :)

So where am I - honestly, depends what day it is, but as the healing moves forward so does my mental status. I decided to go for NaNo and am so pleased I did, it's helped me focus, and it has come at the right time. I found while I was NWB and PWB the effect of me not being able to do anything meant that I didn't even want to do things that I would normally have enjoyed, including writing.

But this week I am back to part normal walking - I have walked, swam, done housework, planned for the month (see last Fridays post) and am actually attacking those targets .......... and have written 16,000 words!!!!!!!! Okay, so they're probably mostly cr*p, but I can deal with that later.

So I suppose this month, after such a depressing 4 months, I'm not feeling insecure and just finally having fun again :) Off to find the linky-link and spread the love and peace :)
Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Round Up

I choose this quote because the past 4 months with this Lisfranc injury have made me appreciate:
  • Just how bloody good our NHS (including the paramedics) can be.
  • Being able to get in a car and go somewhere is a blessing.
  • Carrying your own cup of tea.
  • Showering while becoming a balancing contortionist!
  • Walking in the woods.
  • Family and friends that have visited - phoned - texted .....
  • Jeff!
  • Shopping
  • Baking
  • How very easy it is to become isolated, lonely, depressed. If you know someone stuck at home, give them a call, or drop them a line :)
  • I have no patience! and hate relying on people, traits I have had to work on big time!
  • And 101 other things, but you get the picture!
Off now to hop around Hampton Court Palace, have a blessed Sunday xx
Friday, November 01, 2013


Really, really, really busy month!
  • For some daft reason I decided on Monday to take part in NaNo starting tomorrow! Bit like signing up for the A-Z two days before it started, I do like to challenge myself *rolls eyes*.
  • On top of that I am registering as a private training provider for Childcare and Health and Social Care. I've almost accepted that thanks to this foot injury I am going to have to rethink what I do professionally.
  • I have to prepare for my first 3 students - Level 3 Playwork, eek!
  • I have a craft fair at the end of the month to plan for.
  • I need to finally add stock onto my Etsy shop.
  • I need to sort out my business website.
  • And if I get to move from PWB to FWB then I shall be down the gym and pool every day.
Still in the walking boot. Seeing Mr G on Monday, any positive prayers hugely appreciated. 'Eek' still seems the best word to describe my life.  Need to see the doctor as I think using the crutch has trapped a nerve in my hand - the shooting pains are out of this world.

So for November, apart from the IWSG scheduled post, my only posts will be Sunday Round Up's.
Laterz x