Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Round Up

I choose this quote because the past 4 months with this Lisfranc injury have made me appreciate:
  • Just how bloody good our NHS (including the paramedics) can be.
  • Being able to get in a car and go somewhere is a blessing.
  • Carrying your own cup of tea.
  • Showering while becoming a balancing contortionist!
  • Walking in the woods.
  • Family and friends that have visited - phoned - texted .....
  • Jeff!
  • Shopping
  • Baking
  • How very easy it is to become isolated, lonely, depressed. If you know someone stuck at home, give them a call, or drop them a line :)
  • I have no patience! and hate relying on people, traits I have had to work on big time!
  • And 101 other things, but you get the picture!
Off now to hop around Hampton Court Palace, have a blessed Sunday xx


  1. What a great quote, enjoy your trip to Hampton Court Palace.

    1. Thanks Suzanne :) Had a lovely couple of hours and managed to get lost in the maze! x

  2. I'm glad that you can see the good side of this whole lisfranc fiasco. :( I'm very happy to hear that you are on the mend though. Sounds like you finally have the worst behind you! Slippery weather season is upon us so be safe!

    1. Hi JoJo - I'm not normally a negative person, it's amazing how one, relatively small thing in the big scheme of things, can knock someone so much! xx


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