Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013!

Let's get the cr*p out of the way and concentrate on all the good stuff:

Reasons to say goodbye to 2013!
My Lis Franc injury, which also has caused a burn that hasn't healed yet; tendinitis of my right wrist from the crutches whilst I was NWB; cancelling our holiday to Italy; not getting anywhere near as much accomplished as planned; and 101 other reasons why this injury is such a pain!
Being let down by an establishment I've been involved in for over 20 years;
Someone feeling the need to grass Joe up for having a weeks holiday which resulted in him being back inside for 5 months and counting;
Joe flipping his car and writing it off;
Joshua carted off in an ambulance because of his knee - an hour before I was carted off in an ambulance because of my foot!
Usual social services inadequacies;
Being told I am borderline for problems with diabetes and high cholesterol.

What made 2013!
My Lisfranc injury - helped teach me patience and appreciate everything, including who actually cares about me and mine!
Joe walking away from his scary car accident with just cuts and bruises- definitely a miracle
Took part in my first QP pantomime in 10 years
Jeff asked me to renew our vows - and I said yes. Seemed easier than when he spent 4 years asking me to marry him cos I kept saying no!
Spent time with my friends at ...... Martha's quiz night; the cinema; the shops; for coffee; for lunch; at friends; at Center Parcs
Taken Orla to Virginia Waters and Victoria Playing Fields
Met up with Beth and Hilary after years of not seeing each other :)
Ella received an Outstanding Student of the Term out of the whole school!
Pushing my blogging to take part in the A-Z Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge
Lots of trips to Hampton Court Palace
Trip to Harry Potter Studio Tour with Patrick and Angela
Celebrating Ben and James' 18th and Joshua and Rebecca's 21st
Jeff spoiling me rotten for my 50th birthday :)
Having a guest post on 2 blogs :)
Trip to Mapledurham House
Weekend up north to visit friends and Jeff to watch his football team play in a local derby
Going to a Mind, Body, Spirit event
Being able to spend 3 weeks in France at my little brother and his wife's farmhouse :)
Seeing my first ever red rainbow
Trip to Manor Farm in Burlsden while Joshua took part in a wedding gothic shoot
Jeff and me going to the Enchanted Woodland Walk at Syon Park
Ella having respite every Friday straight after school until 9pm
Jeff managing not to damage any nerves or tendons despite sticking a fork in his finger!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Last Sunday roundup of 2013

We have a new priest at our local church. Jeff laughed when I described him as incredibly devout - being my heathen he thought being a religious man was a given to being devoted. Fifty years as a cradle Catholic, and a lot of nuns and priests, would make me question that statement. But, our new priest is awesome, and has brought Midnight Mass back to the church as he feels there's something special about celebrating at night - I totally agree :) So come midnight we go to church with Ella in PJ's and Ben slightly the worse for 'wear'. And it was worth it, left with such a good feeling :)
photo from destinationnewry.com
Visited the crematorium to put flowers and glittery things on Jeff's mums rosebush. Went after dark - crematorium after dark? I don't freak easily, but it did feel a little unnerving!
 Christmas Day was spent just with Jeff, the 3 youngest and my mum.
picture from BishoysBlog.com
Boxing day was 5 out of the 6 kids and their partners :) Forgot to take any photos!!

Resigned as school governor - and that's all I'm saying about that for now.

Meal out with Jeff, Mum, Aunty Jean and Uncle John and my beautiful niece Rebecca to celebrate her 21st birthday :)

Watched Joshua play football. He said before he was going to get a hat-trick. Two goals in the first half and he looked on target. Fifteen minutes into the second half he got such bad cramps he had to come off :( But the team won 5-3 so that sweetened his disappointment.

Ben bought 2 new DVD's - Grown Ups 2 and The Worlds End. Enjoyed them both, but glad I didn't spend money at the cinema on them!

Girls night at Hev's
from youneedadrink.com
First physiotherapy appointment. I thought I was doing well, turns out not so much! And no, sadly my PT doesn't look like this - I can dream LOL!
picture from picgifs.com
Family gathering at Lynn and Don's.
picture from the Drill Hotel,Romford
Another unsuccessful interview, which I was sort of disappointed about, I know I could have done the job really well. Oh well,obviously wasn't the right one and there's something better waiting for me in 2014 :)

Did some varied work for an old friend which I really enjoyed, and got to save some money for next year!

Ella went to a pantomime with Larchwood - they took her by train, luckily she enjoyed it a lot more than the first times she went on one!
Beyond proud of our youngest. Despite all the cr*p she's had since birth she came home at the end of term with an 'Outstanding Student of the Term!' award out of the whole school - go Ella!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Short and sweet, but certainly not saccharin-filled, my post for the 50 States of Pray blog hop. Enjoy and go visit some others right here!

2013 will not make my top 10 best ever years, and probably would make the top 10 worst. But I am so thankful that I have had another year with everyone I love, and that through caring family and friends, both real life and virtual, I survived! I pray that 2014 is better, not just for me, but for everyone I know that is looking forward to the future. To everyone who believes in the true meaning of Christmas, hope you have a blessed and peaceful time; and if you don’t - just enjoy the parties!
Monday, December 09, 2013

Monday Makes

Just a quick one as we all know what December's like. Made these and I love them :) Each one is 6"x4" and made with lots of love - and patience LOL Will be on my Etsy page in the next day or two (Don't laugh Anna, the intention is there!)

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Sunday Round-Up

Another busy week in the Sapsed household :)
Jeff and I went to the Enchanted Woodland Walk at Syon Park, sans kids!! That was a novel experience. Was lovely though :)
Did a craft fair with Joy - which wasn't without event!
Plan A - Mum to take Joshua to a tag rugby coaching course. Joy to collect me and Ella. Take Ella to Lynns. Get to Fair 9am to set up in a relaxed and calm mood.
Plan B - Joshua wakes up with a raging temperature. Cancel Mum. Joy arrives. Car battery goes flat. Ross and Lynn collect Ella. AA gets car going. We arrive at 10.15 frazzled LOL

Ella's birthday - 15! Just a quiet celebration. Haven't got any of her on her birthday, so here's one from our last trip to Hampton Court Palace.

Ella to eye-clinc - has weak muscles in her left eye apparently, that's why it goes walkabout! But her eye sight's fine so not going to worry about it atm.

Jeff and Joshua went to see Joe, I should have gone, but Ben was working so needed to look after Ella. Next time hopefully. He's coping remarkably well considering. All this talk about prisons being overcrowded and he's now been back in for over 4 months for taking a weeks holiday abroad. Beggars belief.

Went to the cinema with Joy, think I enjoyed this one more than the first :) Although I found the last few seconds disappointing, bit like the director thought "Oh, that Breaking Dawn ending was good, let's do that!"
Did some Playwork teaching.
Short governor meeting.
Swimming up to 44 lengths in an hour - aiming for 60.
Saw Patrick and Orla at the craft fair.
Saw Ariane, Mike and Katie at the craft fair.
Another interview lined up - yet again the last one failed to get back to me. I just find that so incredibly rude.

Anyhow, today is decorating day, so better go give the house a good clean!
Blessed Sunday
Friday, December 06, 2013

50 Shades of Pray Blog Hop!

Friday free-for-all is a shout out for a blog hop! I know, I know, we're all mega-busy peeps, and even more so at this time of year. But it's because of that I think everyone - yes even you JoJo ;) - should join in with this one! The idea is to take a few minutes and reflect on what was 2013 and looking forward to 2014.
From Mark's Post : All that’s required is to take a moment and about 100 words. Then, on Dec. 24, 2013, please share a prayer, a thought, a memory, a hope and even a regret about the past and/or a wish for the future. If you can’t post on the day... it’s Christmas Eve, Mark... (I know, I know :) feel free to schedule your post to go live on the 24th. I'm *NOT* expecting people to comment - my only hope is that people can stop by to read, relax and reflect for as much time as they can spare :)
So pop over to Mark's blog post right ....... HERE!!!! ........ and join in! And to my non-writing readers - this applies to you too, would be lovely to see the crafting community join in :)

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Insecure Writers Support Group


Ooops! Nearly forgot! But what with all the 'stuff' (all the descriptive words in the English dictionary and I use 'stuff' .....hmmmm, oh well!) going on in November, plus Ella's birthday on the 2nd, illness and governor work I don't know where November went!

Oh wait, yes I do, NaNoWriMo! Well I started like a greyhound and ended like a tortoise because all that blessed stuff got in the way towards the end so didn't make anywhere near 50k. But still, pleased with what I did accomplish, really helped me focus. And I found I love the Scrivener software, so although I won't be getting the 50% discount for completing NaNo, I still think it's worth the money - $32, which is around £20. Well worth it :) Do I get a further discount do you think for extolling their wonderfulness?

I of course haven't yet edited what I did write - could turn out that out of the 24612 words I did write, only 612, or worse, 12, will actually be any good! Will leave that unravelling for another day.

So congrats to everyone whether you wrote 1 word or 50,000, that's more than you started with :) Right off to pay for Scrivener while I remember and jump the shark - sorry, jump some blogs!

Regarding that, just an observation from the past few months, but has anyone noticed how many people actually pop in? I have noticed that nearly all are either the helpers, or bloggers returning my visit. Not sure how many people are doing the blog hopping much, which seems wrong. It's like not really supporting, more sitting back and expecting others to run around after you? Last months comments were nice, but they came from the facebook group. Whinge over, it's been bugging me for a couple of months.