Sunday, December 29, 2013

Last Sunday roundup of 2013

We have a new priest at our local church. Jeff laughed when I described him as incredibly devout - being my heathen he thought being a religious man was a given to being devoted. Fifty years as a cradle Catholic, and a lot of nuns and priests, would make me question that statement. But, our new priest is awesome, and has brought Midnight Mass back to the church as he feels there's something special about celebrating at night - I totally agree :) So come midnight we go to church with Ella in PJ's and Ben slightly the worse for 'wear'. And it was worth it, left with such a good feeling :)
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Visited the crematorium to put flowers and glittery things on Jeff's mums rosebush. Went after dark - crematorium after dark? I don't freak easily, but it did feel a little unnerving!
 Christmas Day was spent just with Jeff, the 3 youngest and my mum.
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Boxing day was 5 out of the 6 kids and their partners :) Forgot to take any photos!!

Resigned as school governor - and that's all I'm saying about that for now.

Meal out with Jeff, Mum, Aunty Jean and Uncle John and my beautiful niece Rebecca to celebrate her 21st birthday :)

Watched Joshua play football. He said before he was going to get a hat-trick. Two goals in the first half and he looked on target. Fifteen minutes into the second half he got such bad cramps he had to come off :( But the team won 5-3 so that sweetened his disappointment.

Ben bought 2 new DVD's - Grown Ups 2 and The Worlds End. Enjoyed them both, but glad I didn't spend money at the cinema on them!

Girls night at Hev's
First physiotherapy appointment. I thought I was doing well, turns out not so much! And no, sadly my PT doesn't look like this - I can dream LOL!
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Family gathering at Lynn and Don's.
picture from the Drill Hotel,Romford
Another unsuccessful interview, which I was sort of disappointed about, I know I could have done the job really well. Oh well,obviously wasn't the right one and there's something better waiting for me in 2014 :)

Did some varied work for an old friend which I really enjoyed, and got to save some money for next year!

Ella went to a pantomime with Larchwood - they took her by train, luckily she enjoyed it a lot more than the first times she went on one!
Beyond proud of our youngest. Despite all the cr*p she's had since birth she came home at the end of term with an 'Outstanding Student of the Term!' award out of the whole school - go Ella!


  1. Wow you've been really busy! I was pretty much a 'Christmas Catholic', back in the day, and my family always went to 5:00 pm Mass on the 24th. The priest in those days was very conservative and didn't believe in any music so there was no organist or choir for a long time.

  2. I have missed being busy JoJo, got 6 months of boredom to make up for! Jeff is a once a year church guy, goes to keep me company :)

  3. Love midnight mass, though, my kids are older they were too pooped to go. We went in the morning. Sounds like you've been busy. Happy New Year, and thank you for visiting my blog.


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