Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Fun on my Freaky Foot!

I used to be called Twinkle Toes at school
image from
Now I think I would be known as Bigfoot!
image from
7 months ago I could do this....
 Okay - so I wasn't doing any of them, but I could have if I had wanted!
Then I did this
 I know, I know, it's Renee Zellweger not me, but spot the left foot doing a twist?
 A picture is worth a thousand words! That's why it's taking so long to heal. If you consider every other step my foot is operating as a shock absorber for dispersing the force of my body then you'll get why any type of foot injury works to it's own timetable, not the standard bone healing rates.
Now instead of wearing these
I have to wear these
Because of this - like I said, Bigfoot!
But if I'm honest, the thought of ever wearing heels like this again
 Makes me want to throw up! 
 This is my 'normal' foot when stretching toes
 And this is what my Bigfoot does now! No, it never used to do that! Freaky!
But doesn't the scar look amazing :) I love my ortho surgeon :)

Okay, how about a serious update? 28 weeks since my foot injury:
I still have a scar where I burnt myself
My tendonitis is not getting any better, I keep giving it one more week!
Physiotherapy is awesome! She has got me to the point now where I can completely bend my toes - I know, doesn't sound like much - but try and do anything with toes that don't bend - not easy! My calf muscle was also very tight. She explained that the good leg calf muscle was tight through less use and measured it at 9 and my bad leg was only 4.5! But in only 3 weeks of exercising it's gone up to 7 :)
Back to swimming, yay!
Driving some local distances.
Still not sleeping
Weird to be pleased about doing housework right? lol!
Found my limitation on my feet atm is 3 hours - Joshua's party - spent 2 days recovering.

Two months since my last Lisfranc post and what a difference. I still get daily discomfort, but not pain. Don't get me wrong I still get pain, just not all day every day. Like when I knelt down in Church for the first time since July - the pain was so bad I honestly thought I'd done it some serious damage! Frustrating to still be struggling but I have to remind myself it wasn't exactly a minor break. Doesn't make it any less frustrating.
Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Makes

Very sad, but it's another pair of shoes! I love these so much. The shoes were only one pound - Italian Carvela - from a charity shop. Thanks to my stoopid foot I'm a bit limited with what I can wear. Anyhow, these are for our vow renewal ceremony in May, and I love them! Oh, I said that already? That's how much I love them LOL!
 Just so you can see the difference this is them before ....
Wednesday, January 08, 2014


It's that time again for IWSG, which does exactly as it says on the tin!

You can find out about it here

Am I insecure this month? No. Sadly that's because between Christmas, Joe, Joshua's 21st, and planning for the 'do' in May I haven't even looked at my writing since NaNoWriMo! I think I'd rather be insecure as then at least I'd have some words on paper LOL! Off to bloghop for a bit to hopefully more interesting posts ;) Laterz xx
Monday, January 06, 2014

Monday Makes

Back to normal blogging hopefully, feeling more positive than the past few months; no idea why, nothing's changed, but let's go with the flow! So, Monday makes ..........

I mentioned to Ashton I was going to decorate a pair of shoes for the 'do' as it's probably the only way I'm going to get a pretty pair that fits. She said she'd love a glittery red pair. So I thought I'd have a go, got all the bits including a cheap five pound pair of shoes.TBH they're not brilliant, but they were my first attempt, and I am chuffed with the end result:)
Before ......
....... and after :)
Created this for a client :) It's much sparklier IRL
And did this for Joshua's 21st birthday :)
Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sunday Round Up

So the big news of the week was that Joshua was 21 :) Firstly though, if you're squeamish I suggest you stop at the photos of his party and don't scroll on down to the one of Jeff's clumsy accident - cutlery forks aren't designed to go through fingers you know! I couldn't believe our run of bad luck was hanging on to the very last day of the year - I mean, New Years Eve, don't we get a day off?! But he's amazingly okay, missed all nerves and tendons - I have no idea how! Someone up there is playing games with me, pushing me to the edge and then pulling me back LOL!

So, back to Joshua's party, a few photos of his little party :)

If you're squeamish skip the next bit!
Lou and Mark visited Friday and kindly brought Jeff a present - a plastic fork! LOL He isn't going to live it down any time soon!

Friday, January 03, 2014

January Goals

As promised no resolutions,but instead my goals and targets for January. I'm hoping that setting them down on here, with deadlines, will help clear a backlog of 'stuff' that accumulated over the past 6 months inactivity. So here's Januarys .......
Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year New Me?

Happy New Year! Most important thing - no New Year Resolutions (well, except for the annual weight loss/get fit one) - which this year is going to happen - might as well start the year positive!

So, no NYR, but I did get this book from Jeff ......

and I plan to use it. The first few pages is putting aside 2013, so doing that tonight with unfettered enthusiasm LOL! Will share my goals as I decide on them.

And another change? No more words for the year. I live by quotes as you know and last years kept me sane..... Save you looking at the tags, it was this......
and boy did I need the middle part last year. So I'm keeping it for this year, along with all the other quotes I love, including the one in my banner up there, 'If you live a life of love you will love the life you live' and these :)
It's part of a big piece of artwork I made here and says 'Our family is a circle of Faith, Hope and Love. With every birth and union the circle grows'.
See the common theme? Had this put on my living room wall when we decorated it earlier this year
And this because, much as I love the Mother Teresa quote this is based on, this one feels so much more me!

And if you really want to see just how obsessed I am with quotes, click over to this page which gives an idea of just how many I have around the house.