Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Fun on my Freaky Foot!

I used to be called Twinkle Toes at school
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Now I think I would be known as Bigfoot!
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7 months ago I could do this....
 Okay - so I wasn't doing any of them, but I could have if I had wanted!
Then I did this
 I know, I know, it's Renee Zellweger not me, but spot the left foot doing a twist?
 A picture is worth a thousand words! That's why it's taking so long to heal. If you consider every other step my foot is operating as a shock absorber for dispersing the force of my body then you'll get why any type of foot injury works to it's own timetable, not the standard bone healing rates.
Now instead of wearing these
I have to wear these
Because of this - like I said, Bigfoot!
But if I'm honest, the thought of ever wearing heels like this again
 Makes me want to throw up! 
 This is my 'normal' foot when stretching toes
 And this is what my Bigfoot does now! No, it never used to do that! Freaky!
But doesn't the scar look amazing :) I love my ortho surgeon :)

Okay, how about a serious update? 28 weeks since my foot injury:
I still have a scar where I burnt myself
My tendonitis is not getting any better, I keep giving it one more week!
Physiotherapy is awesome! She has got me to the point now where I can completely bend my toes - I know, doesn't sound like much - but try and do anything with toes that don't bend - not easy! My calf muscle was also very tight. She explained that the good leg calf muscle was tight through less use and measured it at 9 and my bad leg was only 4.5! But in only 3 weeks of exercising it's gone up to 7 :)
Back to swimming, yay!
Driving some local distances.
Still not sleeping
Weird to be pleased about doing housework right? lol!
Found my limitation on my feet atm is 3 hours - Joshua's party - spent 2 days recovering.

Two months since my last Lisfranc post and what a difference. I still get daily discomfort, but not pain. Don't get me wrong I still get pain, just not all day every day. Like when I knelt down in Church for the first time since July - the pain was so bad I honestly thought I'd done it some serious damage! Frustrating to still be struggling but I have to remind myself it wasn't exactly a minor break. Doesn't make it any less frustrating.


  1. The older we get, the longer it takes to bounce back from injuries. Although I have to say the shoes you have to wear now look way more comfy than the heels do! But then again I'm such a clutz that I'd probably injure my foot the same way you did if I wore the heels. Glad you are on the mend.

    1. Thanks JoJo :) I must admit I love heels - being only 5'1" they were useful LOL Never mind, at least it's healing :) xx

  2. Boy that looks bad! I'm glad it's getting better.

    1. Hi! Was the most painful thing next to childbirth LOL But yes, slowly but surely healing :) xx

  3. Heels are overrated. I hope your foot gets better soon!

    1. Hi MJ, I like heels more for the fact they make me 5'4" instead of 5'1", but I'm just going to have to get used to being small again LOL! xx

  4. Oh my word that looks painful! I hope your foot gets better soon. :-)

    1. Thanks Misha :) I was told when I first did it to allow 9 - 12 months - and I am now 7 months in, so hoping for some sort of miraculous fix in the next few months! LOL xx

  5. Ouch!!!! I am glad it's been healing, because it looks really painful & limiting!! It reminded me of an episode of the IT Crowd, where the lead lady tries to cram her foot into a too-small pair of shoes, with disastrous consequences. Thanks for stopping by my blog... it's been too long since I caught up with you. I'm going to see if I can find you on Facebook, where I am more active!


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