Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sunday Round Up

So the big news of the week was that Joshua was 21 :) Firstly though, if you're squeamish I suggest you stop at the photos of his party and don't scroll on down to the one of Jeff's clumsy accident - cutlery forks aren't designed to go through fingers you know! I couldn't believe our run of bad luck was hanging on to the very last day of the year - I mean, New Years Eve, don't we get a day off?! But he's amazingly okay, missed all nerves and tendons - I have no idea how! Someone up there is playing games with me, pushing me to the edge and then pulling me back LOL!

So, back to Joshua's party, a few photos of his little party :)

If you're squeamish skip the next bit!
Lou and Mark visited Friday and kindly brought Jeff a present - a plastic fork! LOL He isn't going to live it down any time soon!


  1. I love the pictures with the frames! What a great idea! The fork pic....OUCH! How in the world did that happen?!

    1. Thanks JoJo - just cheap second hand frames I've picked up at carboot fairs and taken the picture out :)
      Not quite sure how he managed it, apparently something slipped out of his hand as he was putting it in the dishwasher and he just moved fast to catch it and voila! A week on he's still very careful every time he picks up a fork LOL! xx


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