Sunday, February 23, 2014

Do you Belong to the Blog Blitz Brigade?

And if not, why not?!

Seriously, you can read all about it here (and sign up!) but in a nutshell it's a fab idea that does 'exactly what it says on the tin' .....
...... Not sure if that's just an English advert? So sorry if it went whoosh over your head and you're wondering what on earth I'm wittering on about! Wow, lot's of w's in that sentence, try saying that fast along with the post heading. Is there a word to describe that? Oh yeah, tongue twisters....
And you can find lots more here if you're so inclined :)

I digress. Blitzing is simply getting an email on average once a week. Popping onto the blog named in the email and leaving a post. Simples! (Another UK ad!)

The individual gets unexpectedly bombarded with lots and lots of lovely comments and gets a warm fuzzy feeling all over - hopefully :) It's taken just 5 minutes out of your life to make someone feel good - and as a bonus you may find a blogger who you instantly connect with and want to follow :)

No reason not to Belong to the Blog Blitz Brigade is there really?

The mastermind behind the idea is DL Hammons and if you missed it in the first paragraph, here's the link again :) Go on, click on the linky-link, sign up and join in - you know you want to :)


  1. Thank you for highlighting the BLOG BLITZ! We are now at 435 team members and climbing steadily...thanks to mentions like this. It is much appreciated! :)

    1. My pleasure - hope it encouraged some new sign-ups :) x


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