Thursday, April 03, 2014

C is for ....

Chair Sashes - I wanted hessian to go with the vintage rustic feel. The options were (A) Buy them ready made at £8-00 a pair - £280 total; (B) Buy 9" rolls from the USA for £40, then over £200 in shipping; or (C) Buy a 48" wide roll of hessian from Amazon for £45.00 and cut it up myself. Yep, went for (C). Savings £235 :)
CD - No DJ, so as Joshua takes after me and has a good taste in eclectic music, he's going to create a compilation CD for us - or more likely put them on the ipod! Nil cost :)
Champagne - Seems to cost anything from £15.00 a bottle to the world's your oyster! So, Jeff and I have agreed Prosecco, less than half the price and we've had an excuse to try some different types out over the last few months :)
Cutlery - Loved this idea on Pinterest. Bought loads of second hand cutlery from car boot sales, then handed them over to Jeff to engrave ........ well, I've got this bad wrist ....... Total £25.00
Cake - We're having two! Jeff always makes a fab fruit Christmas cake so he's providing that one. And Dad and Sandra are treating us to a sponge one for those peeps that aren't fruit fans :) Cost, not a lot - and certainly nothing like the cost of some wedding cakes!
Candy Trees - Plan to have one in each apartment, therefore 12 in total. The cheapest I've found, with not a lot of sweeties, is £15 a tree - that's £180!! So, 12 pots in Poundland, £3.00, dowels and cement in Jeff's garage (of course .... let's be honest, if we looked hard enough we'd probably find The Lost City of Atlantis, Lord Lucan, the Ark of the Covenant and the kitchen sink in there!!) and bags of sweets from the wholesalers :) Total - about £20. Savings £160
Okay, so making stuff (my fav word ever!) is time-consuming, but with just 2 things I've saved £395! and have exactly what we want :)


  1. Beautiful chair sashes. And if you ask this Italian girl, you can't go wrong with Prosecco!

  2. Chair sashes are so adorable. Talking of cake , I really don't mind the flavour, I just love eating them :)

  3. Proseco - Fab choice. And not because of the price, but because I love it much better than Champagne. good luck.

  4. I think chair sashes are so pretty, the way they spruce up a party. Champagne is wonderful too, but with so many varieties of sparkling wine, there are lots of alternatives for it, to make it easier on the budget.

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  5. Those sashes do pretty up the reception!

  6. Proseco you say? I'm there ;)

  7. Love the chair sashes and the cutlery. Have a wonderful wedding!

  8. Making the stuff is really more fun than buying it assembled!!!

  9. Personally Proseco with Lou and vanilla cake with raspberry filling.

  10. Cakes! Certainly my favorite part of any wedding.

  11. Thanks everyone!
    Jaybird - Italian dad here too, so right with you :)
    Lou - you'd better be there seeing as your hubby is helping to officiate the ceremony!
    JoJo - completely agree - although beginning to panic at such a big project!

  12. Awesome choices! I love your theme!

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