Saturday, April 05, 2014

E is for ...

Emergency Kit - We wanted to make sure everyone felt welcome, so in each of the apartments they will have waiting for them .....
  • Candy Trees (already discussed, but I think I forgot to mention I've never made them before!)
  • Jam Jars with some wild flowers (yes, of course, decorating the jars!)
  • Some of the bigger apartments will also have a decorated manzanite tree
  • A decorated brown paper bag containing -
    • Handmade I-Spy lists
    • Gifts for everyone that's involved in some way
    • £5 in one pound coins for the electric meter
    • Hand soap
    • Washing up liquid - cos, let's be honest, those are bound to be the the 2 things everyone forgets
    • A quiz for the quiet moments with pen and paper
    • And a bottle of wine.
Are you beginning to realise I must really need my bumps feeling!?


  1. Nice theme for the challenge!

  2. I bet you are having a great time with this planning and creating.

    1. TBH JoJo just beginning to get bogged down with it. I wrote a list this morning of what's left, and with only 4 weeks to go, there's a hell of a lot still to do! xx

  3. Weddings are so Wonderful . Everywhere joy, happiness and smiles. Love it when people come together to celebrate. Loved your theme. Its so sweet . :)

  4. Candy trees and a bottle of wine. Will they really need anything else? :)

  5. Wine you say, I'm there!

  6. What a lovely gesture! This is such a fun theme for you challenge!

  7. You and my daughter define "emergency" in a very similar way.
    Visiting from AtoZ

  8. Making people feel welcome is so important. And you're right, the little things make all the difference.

    MJ, A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    Writing Tips
    Effectively Human
    Lots of Crochet Stitches

  9. Thanks everyone :) I'm really enjoying the challenge - making me realise just how much effort we've put into ensuring - hopefully - the weekend is a success :) xx

  10. I find it interesting that emergency kit!


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