Monday, April 07, 2014

F is for ...

Flowers - We decided to have real flowers as we had had artificial ones for our wedding. On a friends recommendation we went to Lock Cottage Flowers. The owner is lovely and her prices are excellent. I'm collecting jam jars (free), lace (market), hessian (offcuts from the roll for the chairs) and twine (pound shops) to make informal floral displays. They look good in my head, let's hope it transfers to real life! So we're getting:
  • small bouquet for me
  • 3 'bridesmaids' bouquets
  • posy for Ella so she doesn't feel left out
  • Enough gypsophilia (my fav flower) and lavender to put in the backs of the sashes of 70 chairs
  • and 2 giant buckets of flowers to make loads of small displays, enough to decorate the hall and have in all 12 apartments
All that for £210 :) Pays to DIY
Flower Girls - Our beautiful, cheeky, funny, lovely God-Daughter Orla and her big sister Martha are being flower girls. That was one of my extravagances, I bought their dresses from Next - but they were just perfect - and they look perfect in them :) No, you can't see them yet. However, you can see what I made for them to carry.
Food - Friday night we've booked a fish and chip van and everyone's contributing towards the food. Saturday is a simple buffet - is that a contradiction?! And Sunday we're having either chilli and rice or lasagne and garlic bread. Followed by chocolate brownies or lemon drizzle cake. We chose these because they're easy to prepare in advance and freeze, and easy to make. We also asked the guests in advance which they wanted so we could make the right amount, not end up with too much of everything. Catering ourselves will save a fortune. We have put buy £350 for all 3 nights for food and drinks, and with everyone buying their own Friday and bringing some booze, you can bet we'll be giving food away on the Monday morning!


  1. Wow! 20 years! Congratulations, what a great A to Z theme too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Enjoy the rest of the tour.

  2. Free Jam jars sounds like the perfect base for a floral arrangement... I imagine they will make a great keepsake for some guests too :) Reflex Reactions

  3. I can relate to food more than I relate with flowers. Nice post :)

  4. Real flowers will be so beautiful!

  5. No matter how carefully you plan, there is always leftover food.

  6. What beautiful bouquets! And the food is always something to look forward to after the wedding work out. I'm looking at that lemon drizzle cake.

  7. I need to start thinking about what flowers I'll put in my apartment garden this year. Thanks for your visit to my A to Z blog!

  8. I love your attention to detail! Just read your bio and saw that you've been a nursery nurse and in childcare for 30 years. Bless you! I know how hard nursery nurses work and how helpful they can be to clueless parents like myself!

    Great blog.

  9. A buffet sounds great! And I vote for lasagna for the Sunday dinner.

  10. Lovely ideas - photos are gorgeous.

  11. Good for you to doing so much of this yourself. It sounds like it's going to be fabulous!

  12. Your celebration sounds so homey and fun. The bouquets are gorgeous and the food sounds great, too. I like how family-oriented your celebration is. It's obvious that you want everyone who attends to have fun and that you are simply trying to put on a spectacle!

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  13. Congratulations! How wonderful to be celebrating your 20th in this way, and you're doing such a beautiful job.

  14. Congratulations!!!! 20 years and counting to you and Jeff! :)

  15. My daughter in law decided against flowers as she said she would hate to have to throw them all away afterwards so she had the bouquets and boys' button hole sprays and bridesmaids posies all made with buttons. They looked very cute and quirky and we still have them as keepsakes.

  16. You have some great plans already in place, and looks like you're being economical as well!
    Play off the Page

  17. Real flowers always smell so good at a wedding. Flower girls are so cute and a delight to behold, but not nearly as delightful as the bride. Food, as long as it tastes divine, it doesn't matter who makes it.

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  18. Thanks everyone :)
    Alex - so true - although with the five boys maybe not too much left?!
    Thank you Lacey, nursery nurses are too often undervalued xx
    Erica - I've seen the button bouquets, they do look amazing :)


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