Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for ...

Photographer - One optional extra that I didn't want to cut corners with. I felt I had managed to make so many savings and plan (hopefully!) a fantastic event that I wanted photographs taken professionally as a permanent reminder of the weekend. We went for the Gentleman Photographer. His portfolio looks professional and he's super-approachable.
Post box - Postboxes are 'in' at the moment as somewhere to put cards at the reception. However, what we want, instead of pressies (think I mentioned before about how much 'stuff' we have accumulated after nearly 25 years) was a charity post box for Cancer Research UK. So I found a plain box in my burgeoning craft stash and decorated it myself for pennies.
Photo Booth - Had most of the bits you need from the children's parties, but if you haven't,
  • Charity shops and car boot fairs for some frames. Or ebay - got the most amazing huge frame, pick up only, for 99 pence - nobody else had bid on it because the picture was so cr*p - but we just took the picture out! Did check first it wasn't a Van Gogh! 
  • Poundshop for some props. 
  • We also bought a second hand photo printer for a tenner so peeps can print their photos straight away and display them.  
  • Tripod and remote control for my camera came to £15 - and which I can use again and again afterwards
  • Lovely backdrop from AliExpress for £15 - again can share it around afterwards or sell it.
So I've paid less than £50 for my photobooth - try and find one cheaper than that ;)


  1. You did a bang up job on decorating that box!

  2. I used to love those photobooths back in the 70s at the shopping malls. The box came out beautifully.

  3. I loved making post boxes for the kids. I miss craft some days but not enough to launch back into it. No time now that I am writing. :)

  4. Thanks for the compliments - I must admit I was really chuffed with it :) I know what you mean Cecilia, but crafting is my shut off from all stress and worry :) x


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