Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for ...

Struggled with this one! Ushers sprung to mind, except it's not a wedding and we're not having any! LOL! Then I thought about just how much we're reUsing, and Upcycling, so at a stretch that's my U LOL! So .... here's a list of everything that falls in that category because I've used bits from my crafting stash or Jeff's garage or from charity shops or car boots ... you get the picture! - and you will wonder what possessed me cos that's what I thought when I read it! .......

Making 12 Candy Trees - never before attempted - eek!
Decorate old jars with old bits of hessian, twine and lace
Decorate the guests welcome bags and add a tag
Purchase and glitter a champagne flute for everyone
Hand make wine charms
Type up and decorate I-Spy lists
Little pots for hand soap, washing-up liquid and pounds for the meters
Type up and 'age' the timeline cards
Plan and type up the ceremony
Make the Save the Date cards
Make the Invitations
Decorate a collection box for Cancer Research
Make small hearts on ribbons to hang on tree with names for CR
Cut out hearts, add ribbon and type quotes from the guests
Make gifts for my girlfriends
Make gifts for the oldsmaids (bought the flower girls - I know, I should be ashamed!)
Update scrapbooks
Make flower girl ring basket
Make flower girl sign
Make signs for the venue - tea shoppe - photo booth - sweetie bar
Make blackboard sign for the photobooth
Cut small sashes of hessian as napkin rings
Source and decorate manzanite trees
Source and display all the hanging decorations
Found a quiz book in a charity shop, cut out quizzes and add to welcome bags
Individual Poundland gifts for the children
List of photographs wanted from the photographer
Source cheapest roll of hessian and cut into chair sashes
Find a florist - DIY all the floral displays
Buy two sheets and create floor plans for accommodation
Engrave cutlery
Music CD compilations
Decorate the oldsmaids and my shoes
Cook and freeze chilli's and lasagna's
Photo booth - signs; frames; props; printer; tripod; backdrop; and washing line to hang printed photos
Sweetie bar - sign; sweets; glassware; decorate name card holders; bunting; tablecloth
Tea Shoppe - signs; teapots; make some cake stands; flowers in jam jars; tins for biscuits; tea caddies
As well as ....
Purchase some alcohol and make the food for the buffet Saturday night
Organise fish and chip man and list for who's paid/to pay
Organise hiring of chairs for the weekend
Clothes for Jeff - oldsmaids - flower girls - and me
Find the right venue - you have no idea how hard that was!


  1. Wow! You are busy, Suzanne.
    I thought 'U' was difficult - but - the rest aren't that easy, either. Phew!
    Let's keep going.

  2. I'm feeling dizzy just looking at that list. Good luck and all that!
    Visiting from A-Z :) P.S. All my hubby would have done is the music compilations!

  3. That list is far too long for me. Very impressive though.


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