Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for ...

Venue - That was a tough one. We knew how many people - how far afield - and our budget! We did find some awesome ones - and if we do this again for our 40th then the kids can treat us to having it in a castle! And we also found one that I loved the look of, but there was something bothering me and Jeff's learned not to ignore my witchy feelings. So we went and had a look even though it was a couple of hours there.... so glad we did, it was vile! I mean, it could have been amazing, a Gothic mansion, but the owners had obviously never heard of soap and water! When we made our escape the first thing we both wanted was a shower - bleurgh!!! But we found Hargate Hall and it's just perfect. Big enough and in the middle of the Peak District so plenty for the guests to do during the day. Working out how to sleep everyone led to an excess of use of highlighters, coloured pens and crumpled up notes! But we got there.
Vintage - Our theme is vintage - a nice word for old! I think some sort of theme is good, even it's a colour scheme rather than a topic as it allows for cohesiveness with the planning - which in turn makes it easier!
Video - Ok, camcorder but you get the picture. We've got one we use to film the kids so taking that up and asking the kids to do the filming for a change! We had the loveliest Baptism for Ella, including the boys when they were little saying a bidding prayer and my BFF leading the Our Father in song, but we didn't film it which I regret - want to make sure that doesn't happen again!


  1. With real 'old fashioned' videotape? Wow! I admit I miss the real tapes over digital. I have had a few of the cable TV DVR boxes die on me and lost everything I recorded.


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