Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for ...

Welcome Bag - see 'E is for Emergency Kit' for what we're leaving in each room for our guests.
Wine Labels - Lots of free digi wine labels on the internet - this one will only get done if I run out of things to do - yeah right!
Wedding/Event Planner - I suppose it depends on your budget. As I've been at home recuperating I've had the time to plan - and boy have I planned! But if I was working full time then think it might be money well spent to have someone else do all the planning, sourcing and preparation.
Websites - There's absolutely hundreds of websites designed for every type of budget and every event imaginable! To recap on some of my favourites:


Sweetie Bar/Event Planning




Fish and Chip Man

Chair Hire


  1. Such a lot of things to keep in mind. I know, because we do flowers and so on for weddings, and those alone take up a lot of thought.

  2. I truly think you've thought of everything. This is going to be a fantastic ceremony!


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