Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for ...

Zero Regrets - We're having it how we like it and we're going to enjoy it. I recommend the same for anyone else undertaking any huge event. Granted you don't want any huge falling out with family and friends over a minor disagreement regarding arrangements, it's impossible to keep everyone happy, but do your best and have a blast!
Zero Debt - Stick to your budget. Don't impulse buy. If it's an extra expense, think about it for a bit. Do you really need it? If you do can you get it cheaper? We've saved a fortune by making it ourselves and sourcing prices and availability on the internet. So whilst you're watching your favourite soap - cop show - drama - you can also be saving pounds!
Zzzz - Don't forget downtime or you'll burn out, especially in the run up making sure it's all ready - about where I am right now actually LOL!

Hope you've enjoyed my A-Z - I've loved sharing our plans :)


  1. congratulations on finishing the challenge! And thank you for sharing your renewal ceremony plans with us. It sounds like it's going to be an amazing time!

  2. Whew, we did it. Another successful A to Z! Congrats!

  3. Those are all so true. Congrats on finishing the challenge. :-)

  4. Excellent advice.

    We do the zero debt thing with no problem, it's taking the down time together that is our biggest challenge.

    Congrats on surviving the A to Z challenge.

    Timothy S. Brannan
    The Other Side, April Blog Challenge: The A to Z of Witches


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