Friday, May 09, 2014

Reflections on the A - Z Challenge

Just a short post as still unpacking from the weekend - oh it was amazing, everything we had spent months planning - perfect (well, not quite perfect, no Joe and no dress). Haven't even had a chance to edit the photos yet!

So, the A-Z? I was much more organised than last year so had the posts all typed and scheduled (and that was a fab trick I learned last year through the A-Z website) ahead of time. The reason was twofold, one so that I could spend more time visiting other sites and two because I knew the closer it got to the 2nd May the less time I would have. Turned out a wise move :)

The visits? I think I visited around 450, left comments on about 80%. The other 20%, tbh they didn't 'tick my box' and I don't mean that in a negative way, just a fact. Not everybody likes everything - I'm sure there was plenty of people that landed on my page and swiftly moved on! Found some new blogs that really clicked and now following via blogger - google+ or twitter. Loving the many options.

Visitors. Now I know we don't visit just to get visit back, but that is supposed to be part of it right? Hmmmmmm, enough said.

I did notice a huge decrease in the number of comments the last week - not sure if that was because I was mega stressed and not putting the time in, or whether there's a general apathy towards the end of the month?

On being a minion. TBH it didn't feel a whole lot different as I was visiting and mostly making comments anyway. The only difference was forwarding the info to my master LOL! I checked my allotted numbers every 3-4 days and every single time found some that had stopped or not even started.

Overall I loved taking part. In my last post I apologised for lack of input at the end - will make sure next year I don't plan any major events! If this is your first visit, this post should explain why we were so busy!

Thursday, May 01, 2014


Hi, firstly a huge apology for slowing down towards the end of the A to Z challenge. As you know from reading this months blog posts, in 2 days we will be renewing our wedding vows. If I hadn't already typed and scheduled all the posts then I probably would have failed to keep up! As well as the usual last minute preparations I have had added stress with trying to get Joe there and major issues with my dress. We were told Joe would be out on time to join us in our celebrations, but the system sucks and now it looks we're only going to have 5 out of 6 kids there :( My dress has not only not arrived, but the dressmaker hasn't even finished it! So I have told her just to post it and I'll finish it! UPDATE : No dress and no response to any of my communications - who does that?!! I mean everyone knows how important 'The Dress' is, if she knew she wasn't going to finish it she could have told me!
So I am so sorry for not returning visits and replying to comments! Even this is being typed whilst in the car to go shopping as I have so much still to prepare! And for shirking my minion responsibilities for the last week:(
Grovelling over, back next week, after what will hopefully have been an awesome weekend! xx