Thursday, May 01, 2014


Hi, firstly a huge apology for slowing down towards the end of the A to Z challenge. As you know from reading this months blog posts, in 2 days we will be renewing our wedding vows. If I hadn't already typed and scheduled all the posts then I probably would have failed to keep up! As well as the usual last minute preparations I have had added stress with trying to get Joe there and major issues with my dress. We were told Joe would be out on time to join us in our celebrations, but the system sucks and now it looks we're only going to have 5 out of 6 kids there :( My dress has not only not arrived, but the dressmaker hasn't even finished it! So I have told her just to post it and I'll finish it! UPDATE : No dress and no response to any of my communications - who does that?!! I mean everyone knows how important 'The Dress' is, if she knew she wasn't going to finish it she could have told me!
So I am so sorry for not returning visits and replying to comments! Even this is being typed whilst in the car to go shopping as I have so much still to prepare! And for shirking my minion responsibilities for the last week:(
Grovelling over, back next week, after what will hopefully have been an awesome weekend! xx


  1. That's unacceptable about your dress!!! I hope you get it and the ceremony goes well! Good luck!

  2. You have a big weekend ahead. No worries. Just go enjoy it!

  3. It sounds like in typical wedding fashion, everything is going wrong at the last minute. Good luck! No worries about us. We'll see you when things aren't crazy.

  4. Oh wow I hope everything worked out!


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