Sunday, June 01, 2014

May catch-up

Time to pull back the curtains, open the windows and dust my blog. Been maniacally busy this month and poor blog got neglected in the process. Hopefully caught up now! So what have I been up to?

Well, our vow renewal at the beginning of the month. Photos to follow. Perfect except for the lack of Joe and the lack of a dress!! Seriously, what sort of business lets a 'bride' down? Will elaborate in my posts during June.

Had an order for 17 - yes 17! - pairs of shoes for one wedding so that took up half of May - seeing as they were for a May wedding. Photo tomorrow.

Have joined the A-Z Road Trip, and as soon as I've visited all the blogs of people that commented during April will start travelling :)
Lunch with Ariane here :)
My BFF came round and we drank wine and put the world to right.

Joe is out! Sentence is done. He has a job to go to and has somewhere to live. Hopefully he's older and wiser and won't make any more stupid decisions.
Oh, had a birthday :)
Love this quote (life and rhetorical)
New facebook picture
New facebook cover
Had a whinge at Clinton Cards........
Hello, I went into one of your shops yesterday with the intention of buying a Christening card. The reason I write is my disappointment at the total lack of relevance every design bar one had regarding the occasion. I found one card with a church on the front, and that was the closest connection to Christ - the giveaway is the word Christening! I appreciate in our diverse society cards should meet all needs BUT if someone has chosen a Christening then it wouldn't seem unreasonable for the card to follow a religious theme. I would love to know what relevance animals, stars and bootees have to do with a Christening?
For our renewal celebrations we asked not for pressies but for donations to Cancer Research - go our guests!!
Went to see Blood Brothers with Joy and Mireille - my fav live musical ever. Seen it about 4 times and still get sad at the end *rolls eyes at being such a softie*


  1. I love that quote you posted. I think I need to print it out an hang it on my desk.

    Also Happy Belated Birthday!

    I've also joined the Road Trip but I've not started yet. I'm still working my way through all the Reflections posts and people keep commenting on my blog posts (not that I'm complaining) so that adds in extra visits and slows me down! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes :) I love quotes, and that one just made me smile so much because it's how I feel some days! Trying to catch up on visits as well before the Road Trip - and today I need to do some visits for the IWSG! xx


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