Monday, June 02, 2014

Monday Makes

So those 17 pairs of shoes I mentioned yesterday that I had to decorate in 2 weeks?! Well they kept me busy that's for sure, also learned how to cover shoes in material - now that was a steep learning curve but got there after numerous tests to find the right glue, cutters etc. If you imagine that not one of the pairs looked like the end result then you can imagine the work involved .... hours and hours!
I was really pleased with the 3 cream material pairs - and have already gone out to get some more material to create some more :) I loved the idea of all the bridesmaids having the same colour shoes - the pink/purple - but in the girls individual style of shoes. The photo doesn't really do them justice, when the sunlight caught them they glittered so much. But my favourite were the green pair, which is surprising as green is probably one of my least fav colours, but for this particular look, it was perfect :)


  1. They are beautiful! So sparkly!

  2. Your hard work really paid off. Those look gorgeous. You really have a knack for shoe-decorating.

    1. :) Must admit it started as an idea, but now I'm really hoping I can make a business out of it :) xx


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