Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fun Facebook Conversation

Most of my blog readers aren't on my facebook page - so I thought y'all might like this (rearranged so it makes sense!) One of the best chats I've had on fb, love my friends :)  .............

Me ...'Benjamin and Joshua are off on their first holiday together. Have told them not to get arrested, don't break any bones, catch any diseases or bring back a wife .... did I miss anything? Lol'

D ...  'Enjoy themselves perhaps?'
Me ...'Think that's a given D, they're going to Magaluf!'

N ..... 'Wholesale pack of condoms?'
Me ... 'Wish I could say they're good Catholic boys N so won't need them, but  they are going to Magaluf!'

L ... 'PMSL!'

La ..... 'Run out of money?'
Me .... 'La, Ben had run out of money before he even got on the aeroplane!'

H ... 'Hope they have fun.'
H ...'Where are they going?' 
H ... 'O.M.G.!'
Me ... 'Yes Helen, that lovely town known for its heritage sites, beaches and quiet solitude!'

Ly ... 'CCTV in the suitcase!!'
Me ...'Oh Ly, wish I'd thought of that!'

N ... 'We're going to Palma on Friday, so I'll make sure they're behaving!'
Me ... 'Thanks N! Just give them a slap with my blessing if they need it ;)

J ... 'Think you've covered it!'

Lo - 'A tattoo?
D ......'Malaguf?!! You don't even want a postcard!'
H ......'No children in 9 months time?'
Me ... 'Lo, can you imagine a tattoo when you're drunk - a spelling error would be the best outcome lol! D, oh God, all sorts of images in my head! H - good one - would make Joe's 10 months in prison a breeze in comparison!'

Joe (older brother) ... 'They will break their hands escaping their handcuffs and catch diseases from their wives!'
Me ... 'Cheers Joe LOL!'

M ...'Did you tell them to come back?'
Me ... 'LOL M, after all these comments I don't think I'll be sleeping much for the next week!'
M ... ' LOL, well the problem is what were you like? That's why you're worried I bet!'

P ...... 'Don't leave anything behind.'
Me ... 'Ben is so forgetful P, I'll just be happy if he remembers to get on the right plane at the right time!'

N ... 'Malaguf def an eye opener! Went last year. Bet they'll have some stories!'
Me ... 'And I bet they won't be able to share most of those stories with me N!'

S ... 'Come back 'clean'.
Jeff ... 'It's only Magaluf' (As always Jeff is laid back!)
Lo ... 'Shagaluf!'
Me ... 'I hope so S! LOL Lo, that's why N was probably right about the wholesale box of condoms!'

Jeff ... 'Perhaps I should have gone with them, just to keep an eye on them of course ;)
Me ... 'Not funny Jeff, so not funny.'
D ..... 'Not laughing, honest!'
H ..... 'Oh please send him, it would make them so uncool to have 'dad dancing' them around!'
J ...... 'Just cos you don't want me taking pictures of you in your bikini! Ha! (whole other facebook post!)
H ..... 'I haven't owned a bikini since the 80's!'
J ..... 'Size or year?'
H .... 'Cheeky git, 1987's. By the way, how's your fit on your mankini nowadays?'
J ..... 'Now that's a scary thought, even for me!'
Lo .. 'Oh God, no! Once I have thought of the image of Jeff in a mankini I can't un-think it!!'


  1. LOL. I would be the paranoid mom who tagged along. Okay, maybe not, but I'd probably call once an hour or text just to remind them to be good.

  2. Hopefully they don't come back with a tattoo or a disease!

  3. Ha! Let's hope they come back in one piece. As long as whatever they can share with you whatever they bring back, it shouldn't be too bad. Right?

  4. Hopefully they won't get into too much trouble!

  5. I hope they have fun and stay safe in the sun!

  6. It's the best we can do to send them off with "suggestions" for survival. You've done your job. Now about that tattoo. . .I'd suggest spellcheck in the future. :-)

  7. Thanks everyone - waited to reply until I knew they were home safe and sound! x


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