Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Makes

With Jeff and Ella on holiday still not much making going on, but here's a couple of bits I've made as a gift :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Bargains

Last minute decision to go to a car boot. So pleased we did!

8 14" cushions and 1 large one for £3.00! I have covers for the small ones - ongoing project - but plan to keep the large turquoise one.
Ella choose this. Took her until a couple of months ago to realise that she could choose something lol! Again, £3.00. This exact one is still in the shops for £25.00!
She also chose this DVD for £1.00, not even unwrapped. Never seen it so hopefully it's a good one :)
And this. I have been looking for an embroidery hoop to hang on the trees in the garden, and drape organza from - like a loose tent - for months now with no luck. Jeff mentioned making me a circle with wood or metal but saw this lampshade today for £2.00. A lot of the capiz shells are broken, so taking the lot off and making some circles in the colours of the rainbow (chakra) instead. So pleased with it, with the organza (gold and white already got sitting around in the garage) around the edge and chakra colours hanging down, it's going to look lovely and such a bargain :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Makes

Scrapbooking today and another album scanned :)
Sunday, August 17, 2014

100 Happy Days 37 -50

Half way there. Loving doing this, some days have to think harder than others, but at least we wake up every day, and if there's nothing else, I am eternally grateful for that. Okay, deep moment over ......

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Round Up

The weather has been up and down - bit of sunshine - bit of Bertha! So on the nice days we've been making the most of the outdoor pool as it doesn't have a heater - and on a cold day it's really cold in there!
Jeff bought Ella some loom bands, but thought he'd better figure out how to do them before he attempts to have a go with her. The thought of the 2 of them trying to make bracelets with them - well, can't stop laughing LOL!
Jeff and I went to Clive and Anita's joint 50th birthday party. As it was a black tie affair I was going to be really organised and make a dress - okay, yes, you can laugh - so of course 3 days before am panicking but the lovely Anna came to the rescue and lent me the dress I wore for our do :) I still couldn't get the shoe I decorated on, so Jeff has stretched them for me! Took my crocs too though, which was just as well LOL!
On Sunday we went to my Aunty Pats 80th birthday party, which was a double blessing as I got to spend a few hours with my little bruv and sis-in-law before they went back to France.
Monday we had Orla again and this time we decided to go to the seaside. Next time I'll remember to check High Tide and wind LOL! That breaker wall is about 10 foot high from the beach! But despite that, it was still a lovely day :)
 Jeff and Orla did a bit of kite flying. Orla absolutely loved it - wish I could have bottled her giggling, it was wonderful to hear :)
Had an evening in with Joy - no photo :( But a perfect few hours catching up with my bestie :)
Thursday night the collective of girls came over - met 4 of them when we all worked together at Racal's 25 years ago  - bridesmaids - oldsmaids -and had a lot of laughs.
Just got back from scrapping with friends :) Hmmm, you know when you think 'I really wish I hadn't started this project?' Yeah that LOL!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Saturday Round Up

Saturday 2nd
Went to a car boot. Bit disappointing as was half empty. Only good thing was we were going to sell there but didn't bother - that turned out the right move as there wasn't many buyers either!
In the afternoon we went swimming. I managed 32 lengths which was good as I've lapsed with my swimming the last couple of months. Jeff in the meantime finally got Ella into the middle pool without armbands - huge achievement!
In the evening went to friends for a meal. Had problems finding a sitter for Ella so they said bring her along, and their lovely daughter entertained her while we were grown-ups for a while :) Do you love the picture? Yes, that is egg shell! Shows that the eggs were freshly made lol!

Sunday 3rd 
Decided to go to London to a  couple of street markets. It's one of those things that we've been wanting to do for years, but, well you know, shifts and the boys football games always come first. But this Sunday we actually had a free day.We started off at Brick Lane, where Ella met some Pearly Kings and Queens :) And then we went to Camden Town - OMG, I have not seen such a busy vibrant place in a long time! Bought a lovely throw to meditate on - picture next time!
Monday 4th
We had our Goddaughter visit for the day and so the four of us went to Paulton's Park. Had a lovely busy day - but jolly glad we took our own drinks and lunch, would have had to take out a second mortgage, it was a lot more expensive than I remember!
In the evening we went to our local art centre, South Hill Park, as they were having a small commemoration for the 100th anniversary of GB joining the First World War.Very moving. A choir sang a few songs from 'Oh What a Lovely War!', there was some readings from letters written by local soldiers that never made it home, and there was a light display of banners the local primary schools had created. It was very moving.

Tuesday 5th
All 3 of the boys are back from their holidays - and in one piece!
Dad and Sandra visited on their way to the airport.
Then a couple of quiet days - phew!!
Friday 8th
Ella went to respite. Jeff and I decided to make the most of the time and have a date night! Went to the cinema and watched Guardians of the Galaxy. He didn't think he would like it - not his thing! - and just came along to keep my company, but he enjoyed it as much as me! It's not got a heavy story line, but the underlying good will win is a pretty good story line for me, and loved the soundtrack, and the humour, okay, pretty much all of it!