Saturday, August 16, 2014

Round Up

The weather has been up and down - bit of sunshine - bit of Bertha! So on the nice days we've been making the most of the outdoor pool as it doesn't have a heater - and on a cold day it's really cold in there!
Jeff bought Ella some loom bands, but thought he'd better figure out how to do them before he attempts to have a go with her. The thought of the 2 of them trying to make bracelets with them - well, can't stop laughing LOL!
Jeff and I went to Clive and Anita's joint 50th birthday party. As it was a black tie affair I was going to be really organised and make a dress - okay, yes, you can laugh - so of course 3 days before am panicking but the lovely Anna came to the rescue and lent me the dress I wore for our do :) I still couldn't get the shoe I decorated on, so Jeff has stretched them for me! Took my crocs too though, which was just as well LOL!
On Sunday we went to my Aunty Pats 80th birthday party, which was a double blessing as I got to spend a few hours with my little bruv and sis-in-law before they went back to France.
Monday we had Orla again and this time we decided to go to the seaside. Next time I'll remember to check High Tide and wind LOL! That breaker wall is about 10 foot high from the beach! But despite that, it was still a lovely day :)
 Jeff and Orla did a bit of kite flying. Orla absolutely loved it - wish I could have bottled her giggling, it was wonderful to hear :)
Had an evening in with Joy - no photo :( But a perfect few hours catching up with my bestie :)
Thursday night the collective of girls came over - met 4 of them when we all worked together at Racal's 25 years ago  - bridesmaids - oldsmaids -and had a lot of laughs.
Just got back from scrapping with friends :) Hmmm, you know when you think 'I really wish I hadn't started this project?' Yeah that LOL!


  1. Looks like you are having a busy summer! Those band looms are all the rage here now too. I haven't bought one though...that's the last thing I need is yet another craft to try!!!

  2. We really are.This is our first year we haven't ended up in France with my brother and his family. I miss being with them, but we're certainly filling up the calendar! And, me too, I am not going to get sucked into loom bands :) x


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