Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Bargains

Last minute decision to go to a car boot. So pleased we did!

8 14" cushions and 1 large one for £3.00! I have covers for the small ones - ongoing project - but plan to keep the large turquoise one.
Ella choose this. Took her until a couple of months ago to realise that she could choose something lol! Again, £3.00. This exact one is still in the shops for £25.00!
She also chose this DVD for £1.00, not even unwrapped. Never seen it so hopefully it's a good one :)
And this. I have been looking for an embroidery hoop to hang on the trees in the garden, and drape organza from - like a loose tent - for months now with no luck. Jeff mentioned making me a circle with wood or metal but saw this lampshade today for £2.00. A lot of the capiz shells are broken, so taking the lot off and making some circles in the colours of the rainbow (chakra) instead. So pleased with it, with the organza (gold and white already got sitting around in the garage) around the edge and chakra colours hanging down, it's going to look lovely and such a bargain :)


  1. Great finds! Love the cake pop maker Ella got!

  2. Great finds! And Hugo is a great movie :)

  3. I love finding a good bargain.


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